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Public Contract Law Journal, the quarterly scholarly publication of the ABA Public Contract Law Section, is committed to the publication articles that present analysis and insight into issues affecting the broad scope of public contract law and procurement at the federal, state, and municipal levels. The Journal stands within the legal community as a focal point for the examination of timely legal issues confronting the public contract community.

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Current Issue

Public Contract Law Journal
Volume 40 Number 1
Fall 2010


2009 Year In Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contract Decisions
Thomas J. Madden, William L. Walsh, Jr., J. Scott Hommer III, Lars Anderson, Paul A. Debolt, Terry L. Elling, Robert A. Burton, Rebecca E. Pearson, Dismas N. Locaria, James Y. Boland, Jeffrey M. Chiow, Justin J. Wortman, Maria J. del-Cerro, and Brendan M. Lill

A Versatile Prism: Assessing Procurement Law Through the Principal-Agent Model
Christopher R. Yukins

The Inadequacy of Surety Bid Bonds in Public Construction Contracting
Donavan Bezer

Debarment Is No Longer Private World Bank Business: An Examination of the Bank's Distinct Debarment Procedures Used for Corporate Procurements and Financed Projects
Todd J. Canni


The Contingency Contracting Corps in Counterinsurgency Operations: Using Money to Effectively Fight Insurgents
Lucas Hanback

Outcome-Based Award Fees: Incorporating Launch and Post-launch Safety Mechanisms into NASA's Contractual Incentive Structure
Lia A. Mandaglio

The High Cost of Controlling Corruption: The Achilles' Heel of the OECD-DAC Methodology for Assessment of National Procurement Systems
Saima J. Zuberi

Accessing China's Public Procurement Market: Which State-Influenced Enterprises Should the WTO's Government Procurement Agreement Cover?
Skye Mathieson


In Memoriam: Judge Gene Perry Bond
Cheryl L. Scott

In Memoriam: Eldon H. (Took) Crowell
W. Stanfield Johnson and Kent R. Morrison

In Memoriam: Eileen P. Fennessy
Carol Park-Conroy, Jeri Somers, and Don Featherstun

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