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Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce without Litigation

2001 264 pages + diskette
6 x 9 paper
ISBN: 1-57073-931-5
Product Code: 5130108

By Pauline H. Tesler
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    "Collaborative law represents a sea change in our legal system, and it has the potential to restore the practice of law to its rightful place as a helping profession. Pauline Tesler's work, the first book-length treatment of this subject, expertly prepares the willing lawyer to begin the journey to becoming a collaborative practitioner."

    David A. Hoffman, Esq., Hill & Barlow, P.C., Boston, MA

    The first book that explains how to understand and practice collaborative law

    This unique new handbook explains this emerging dispute resolution model of collaborative law that is helping family lawyers bring their clients through the divorce passage with integrity and satisfaction. Collaborative Law describes how this approach engages the unique problem-solving skills of lawyers to achieve settlements that creatively and appropriately customize outcomes in the way that few courts are able to achieve. In the collaborative process, fees and costs are minimized, high-quality legal counsel and negotiating assistance are built in, and the ability of divorcing spouses to cooperate and coparent is maximized to a dramatic extent.

    Pauline H. Tesler, a noted authority in this emerging field, explains the goals of collaborative law and elaborates on the various stages of a collaborative representation in this new manual. She teaches a number of concepts, techniques, and approaches in Collaborative Law that really work. Once these tools are understood, they can easily be incorporated into a family law practice, from the first communication with a client through to the final stages of the divorce process. Other chapters of Collaborative Law cover the unique ethical considerations for collaborative lawyers, how to develop and market a collaborative law practice, identifying and planning for the key moments in a collaborative representation, and a complete array of published and online resources for both lawyers as well as clients in this increasingly important area of family law.

    In collaborative law representation, clear, complete and well-crafted documents that explain the responsibility of each party are essential. This book provides the purpose behind each of these documents as well as sample forms ready to be adapted to your own use. An accompanying diskette includes the book's many sample forms. These documents include a phone screen form, sample letters, a sample collaborative retainer agreement, principles and guidelines for the practice of collaborative law, wording about collaborative representation and future dispute resolution to include in marital settlement agreements, withdrawal and termination notices, and a client evaluation form.

    In addition, the manual includes a user-friendly, question-and-answer handbook, which is designed to orient clients to the collaborative process. This Handbook for Clients is also included on the diskette and may be reproduced for client use.

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