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2001 - 205 pages
6 x 9 - paper
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Careers in International Law, Second Edition
Mark W. Janis and Salli Swartz
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Table of Contents

Lawyers on Foreign Ground
by Carole Silver
The Firms: A U.S. Perspective
The Size of Foreign Offices
Lawyers in Foreign Offices
The Listed Firms

Using the Internet to Run a Small-Firm International Business Law Practice
by Jeffrey M. Aresty and Andrew S. Breines
Working in a Global Environment
Two Examples of How Our Firm Used the Internet Effectively with Foreign Clients
What Are the Rewards of a Career Practicing International Business Law in a Small Firm?
Our Advice on Career Preparation

The International Lawyer as Conductor of the Global Symphony
by John P. Cogan, Jr.
Early International Lawyers
Who Are International Lawyers Today?
The Role of the International Law Practice
The Methods of an International Practice
Engagement of Foreign Counsel
What to Look For
How to Get What You Need
What You Can Turn Over to Foreign Counsel
What You Cannot Turn Over to Foreign Counsel
The Mechanics of an International Law Practice

Still In-house and Over Here
by Steven M. Glick
Your First Steps
Three Warnings

A Career in International Commercial Arbitration
by Marc J. Goldstein
From New York to The Hague
Choosing a Law Firm
The Rewards of a Career in International Commercial Arbitration
Advice on Career Preparation
Where the Road Leads

From New York to Madrid via Paris: Smaller Pond, Bigger Fish?
by Clifford J. Hendel
What Is My Job?
How Did I Get to Where I Am?
What Are the Good and Bad Things about My Job?
What Advice Can I Offer Students Considering International Careers in Law?

Walking the High-Tech Wire: Going International with the Internet Generation
by Carolyn B. Herzog
Types of Practice: What Is International?
Skill Sets for the International Lawyer
How to Prepare
Where Are the Jobs and How Can You Find Them?
Achieving Balance

Changes in Direction in a Legal Career
by Nancy D. Israel
The Knock of Opportunity
Sink or Swim
The Importance of Background
Large-Firm Advantages
Operating across Borders
Small-Firm Advantages
Other Forums

The Practice of International Trade Law in the Public Sector
by Eleanor Roberts Lewis
Why Practice What They Teach?
Balancing Family and Work: The Lifestyle Issue
It's Not All Roses: The Disadvantages of Federal Employment
Opportunities in the Federal Government

Practicing International Environmental Law: The Search for Green Pastures
by Daniel B. Magraw
Where International Environmental Lawyers Practice
Advice for Those Interested in International Environmental Law
First Exposure: Oil Spill
Advantages of Academia
Opportunities in Government
EPA Activities
Nongovernmental Organizations
International Governmental Organizations
Multilateral Development Institutions

Seeking to Limit Suffering in Armed Conflict: The Work of an International Humanitarian Lawyer
by Louis Maresca
What Is International Humanitarian Law?
Changed Nature of War
International Committee of the Red Cross
The Work of International Humanitarian Lawyers
Nongovernmental Organizations
Advantages and Disadvantages of This Type of Work
How Can You Prepare for a Career in International Humanitarian Law?
Closing Thoughts

Fair Winds and Following Seas: A Career in Admiralty Practice
by Michael Marks Cohen
Starting Out

My Career as a Latin-American Transactional Lawyer
by Andrew J. Markus
Why I Became an International Lawyer
Law Firm Practice
What Does a Latin-American Transactional Lawyer Do?
How You Can Pursue a Career in International Law

Practicing International Criminal Law
by Daryl A. Mundis
The Emerging International Criminal Law System
The Structure of the ICTY and the Functions of Its Lawyers
The Pros and Cons of Life Inside the ICTY
Some Practical Advice for Law Students
Summing It All Up

Life in Paris: An Expatriate's Story
by Salli A. Swartz
How I Got to Where I Am
What I Like and Dislike About My Job
Advice for Law Students

Perspectives of an Academic International Lawyer
by Mark W. Janis
Improvements in Pre-legal International Education
Improvements in International Legal Education
The Ubiquity of the International LL.M. Degree
More Diverse Employment Opportunities in International Law
Developments in International Legal Research
The Transformation of the Means of Communication
The Accelerating Pace of International Legal Work

ABA-Approved Foreign Summer Programs, 2000
Appendix B:
Nongovernmental Organizations Dealing with International Issues in Washington, D.C.
Appendix C:
Internet Resources

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