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The Trade Secret Handbook
Michael J. Lockerby
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    "The Trade Secret Handbook addresses the many intellectual property issues that arise in franchising in a straightforward, understandable way. It has a huge scope -- it touches on most of the U.S. trade secret issues likely to arise in handling employees, suppliers, and franchisees in a franchise system, even adding a chapter about Canadian law and references to Internet law." Matthew Moloshok
    Member, Hellring Lindeman Goldstein & Siegal, LLP
    Newark, New Jersey
    Chair, Franchise & Dealership Committee of the ABA Antitrust Section

    Trade Secrets. One of the most important assets of a franchise system. Key strategic plans, product specifications, and protected consumer information allow a company to distinguish itself from competitors and pull ahead in the marketplace. With the push of a button, however, or the departure of a single employee or franchise, such valuable corporate assets can be transferred beyond the time-honored protections of lock and key.

    A powerful tool in protecting trade secrets
    It is this commercial reality that makes The Trade Secret Handbook one of the most valuable resources on the shelf of any franchise or distribution company today, as well as an essential tool for the lawyers who advise them. Looking at issues that effect both the franchisor and the franchisee, this guide:

    • Summarizes the basics of trade secret law and its relevance to your franchise
    • Gathers and analyzes the nature of the protections available for trade secrets
    • Outlines essential contractual safeguards, physical security measures, statutory provisions, and common law protections
    • Addresses the disclosures and claims that a franchisor may make - and not make -about its trade secrets
    • Offers effective "due diligence" inquiries, as well as the recourse available if a franchisor's claims prove to be false or misleading
    • Provides detailed citations to the most important authorities
    • Examines trade secret protection in the United States and Canada

    Includes time-saving forms on disk
    The Trade Secret Handbook contains sample agreements, procedures and policies. To save you time, the book includes a disk of these documents. The disk is in Microsoft Word.

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