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Save 20% on Career Path Resources
In-House: A Lawyer's Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position
Be proactive in your career! Whether you are just entering the legal field, contemplating changing your career, or planning for retirement these books prepare you for every stage in the game. Shop our Complete Career Path Library today and save 20% when you use discount code PAB14PATHS. Offer good through May 15, 2014.

Author Spotlight: Seymour Goldberg
Inherited IRAs: What Every Practitioner Must Know
In this term the Supreme Court will hear arguments over the treatment of inherited IRAs in Clark v. Rameker, certain to have long-lasting consequences for heirs in the years to come. Noted ABA author Seymour Goldberg filed an Amicus brief in the case, and his three ABA titles contain priceless insights available nowhere else.

A Guide to International Estate Planning
Guide to International Estate Planning
With the explosive growth in international investments, more and more lawyers and financial advisors realize the acute need to properly address critical issues of international estate planning for their clients. Whether you are counseling a foreign national or an American citizen, whether your practice is in the U.S. or abroad, whether you want to develop a general expertise in the area or are confronted by these issues on a more frequent basis, A Guide to International Estate Planning is a necessary and practical resource to help you identify and navigate many of the complex planning and regulatory compliance issues, both legal and tax, involved in international estate planning.

The Federal Information Manual
Federal Information Manual
Are you or a client faced with a request for information from a federal agency, or are you seeking information from an agency? If your work involves seeking, using, or sharing information in the hands of the U.S. government, The Federal Information Manual is the comprehensive guide you need to understand the maze of laws, regulations, and orders that govern this information.

The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law
The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law
The newest title to focus on a relevant and recurring topic, The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law dives into the basic legal framework surrounding the many parts of dealing with terrorism - covering such critical topics of international investigations, national security law, ethics, privatization, drones, cyberterrorism and much more.

A Playbook for Cyber Events (PDF Download)
Organizations in the United States and around the world are increasingly at risk due to cyber threats as reliance on information technology (IT) systems grows. This playbook serves as a guide for cyber practitioners and stakeholders from diverse disciplines legal, operational, business, and technical  to prepare for and respond to cyber threats to their organizations.

Don't just win in the courtroom, win big!
This indispensable resource is for everyone who tries civil or criminal cases as well as anyone who wants to learn the art of the trial lawyer. It sets forth a strategic method for any trial, and provides the techniques to deliver that strategy throughout every phase of the trial: openings, directs and cross, experts, and summations.

When Are Finders not Necessarily Keepers?
Buried Treasure: Finders
Take an intriguing look at the the legal battles over competing claims over lost property. From finding buried gold or artifacts to recovering items from shipwrecks and more, you'll be surprised to realize the complexity of issues involved and be intrigued by the many questions raised when a buried treasure is found.

Resources for the Public: Find a Lawyer!

2014 American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory

This directory contains a listing of the names, addresses, phone numbers, coordinating persons and areas of legal services available from more than 250 public service lawyer referral programs through out the United States and Canada. It is intended as a resource for use by the general public, lawyer referral programs and community agencies.

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