How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know
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How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know

How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know
Product Code: 1620552
About the Author: Darren Heitner
Publication Date: March 2014
ISBN: 978-61438-916-3
Page Count: 244
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Sponsoring Entities: ABA Book Publishing
Topics: Career Development, Entertainment & Sports Law, Law Practice Management, Law School, Law Students, Reference, Solos and Small Firms
Format: Book - 1620552
Pricing: $79.95 (Regular)
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About How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know

Sports law is a unique and rewarding practice area. It encompasses a variety of disciplines, but also requires knowledge of the inner workings of professional leagues and sports-related statutes in order to be successful in the field. This well- written, practical guide is written to provide readers with an overview of sports law specifically tailored to practitioners who are looking to add sports law to their practice area and who need a practical, informative though not encyclopedic overview of the field to help them get started.

You'll discover the legal ins and outs of the sports industry, from contract drafting and negotiation to antitrust issues, intellectual property matters, and labor law concerns. You'll also learn about the role of players associations, the power of sports commissioners, sports betting regulations, and more. In addition, and unlike any other book on sports law, this book features real-life case studies involving recognized professional and college sports figures, as well as anecdotes from the authors own experiences as a sports attorney, agent, and media spokesperson for college and professional sports industries. Finally, a helpful appendix contains examples of legal documents--including professional contractswith which any sports attorney/agent needs to be familiar.

This is the complete go-to source for anyone interested in getting into the field of sports law, or looking for a change of career. You'll get the inside information on moving into sports law, and how to succeed, all from one of the best in the business. In short, if you want to play the game, you first need to know how to play the game. This book will show you how. Non-lawyers interested in a behind the scenes look at the world of the business of sports will also find this a fascinating read!

Chapter 1 - Collective Bargaining Agreements
Chapter 2 - Amateurism
Chapter 3 - Athlete Agents
Chapter 4 - Intellectual Property Matters
Chapter 5 - Gambling and Gaming
Chapter 6 - Ethics
Chapter 7 - Drug Testing/ and Use
Chapter 8 - Contract Drafting/ and Negotiation
Chapter 9 - Antitrust
What Others are Saying...

The book is truly something that lawyers and non-lawyers alike will undoubtedly enjoy, and most importantly find tough to put down once Heitner begins to show them the money.

Anyone thinking of a career as a sports attorney must read this book first.
 from the Foreword by Leigh Steinberg, sports attorney, CEO of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and author of The Agent

Darren Heitners new book How to Play the Game: What Every Sport Attorney Needs to Know is a must read for anyone already working in the sports sector or aspiring to join it. Heitner offers a comprehensive look at many relevant topics including but not limited to collective bargaining, the representation and agency side of the business, ethics and conflicts, NCAA eligibility and the world of sponsorships. Heitner also cites historic, landmark cases from the world of sports law to illustrate turning points in the industry and the inception of trends resulting from those cases. Heitner provides an extensive yet concise look at the world of sports law and boils it down to the simplest of terms. This book will provide the reader with an inside look at sports law as well as serving as a reference tool in the years to come.
-- Jonathan S. Blue, Chairman of Blue Equity, LLC and former Chairman of BEST, one of the largest sports production and representation businesses in the world before being purchased by Lagardère Unlimited in 2010

Sports Practitioners need legal reference guides, and there are few available for today's attorneys in sports. Getting started in the business and the legal pitfalls to watch out for is only the start of Darren Heitner's How to Play the Game, a legal sports guide for young and old professionals. Darren writes, teaches, and lectures with the best law professors and sports practitioners across the country, and knows all the current issues of Sports Law. He presents an educational sports guide for the library of every practitioner.
--Ralph E. Cindrich, Sports Attorney, Agent since 1978, Law Professor, and Expert Witness

How to Play the Game may be endorsed by the ABA and coined a sports attorney book, but it is a valuable resource to anyone that has any involvement in the sports industry and those seeking to gain more knowledge about the industry. It is eloquently written in a manner that disregards the legalese and frivolous language generally attributed to legal writing. Instead, Heitners writing style allows any professional to understand and master areas of the sports law field. How to Play the Game is an all-in-one sports law book that is exactly what young professionals and experienced practitioners have been looking for.
Josh Corriveau, Sports Agent Blog