Family Advocate Vol. 33, No. 3: The Prenuptial Agreement (Winter 2011)
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Family Advocate Vol. 33, No. 3: The Prenuptial Agreement (Winter 2011)

Family Advocate Vol. 33, No. 3: The Prenuptial Agreement (Winter 2011)
Product Code: 51311003303
Publication Date: January 2011
ISBN: 0163-710X
Page Count: 48
Sponsoring Entities: Section of Family Law
Topics: Family Law, Taxation
Format: Periodicals - 51311003303
Other Formats: PDF - 51311003303PDF
Pricing: $12.95 (Regular)
About This Issue

This issue of Family Advocate will help you draft and review prenuptial agreements.

Articles include:
  • Why a Prenuptial Agreement? -- Melvyn B. Frumkes

  • The Perils of a Prenup -- Paul S. Leinoff & Natalie S. Lemos

  • What Does Love Have to Do with It? -- Jerome H. Poliacoff

  • A Call to Action: Why the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act must be repealed or modified -- Ronald S. Ladden

  • The Devil Is in the Drafting -- John S. Slowiaczek & Virginia A. Albers

  • Making It Stick -- Willard H. DaSilva

  • A World of Agreements -- Peter M. Walzer

  • When a Prenup & Religious Principles Collide -- Cheryl I. Foster

  • Making Pension Promises in a Prenup -- Linda J. Ravdin

  • The Prenup as Estate Planning Tool or Trap? -- John B. Burns

  • Thinking Through the Tax Ramifications of a Prenup -- Neil S. Cohen & Stephen W. Schlissel

For more information and full listing of titles, see Table of Contents below.

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