Family Advocate, Vol 35 No. 3: Market Your Practice in the Digital Age (Winter 2013)
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Family Advocate, Vol 35 No. 3: Market Your Practice in the Digital Age (Winter 2013)

Family Advocate, Vol 35 No. 3: Market Your Practice in the Digital Age (Winter 2013)
Product Code: 51311003503
Publication Date: January 2013
ISBN: 0163-710X
Page Count: 48
Sponsoring Entities: Section of Family Law
Topics: Family Law, Law Practice Management
Format: Periodicals - 51311003503
Other Formats: PDF - 51311003503PDF
Pricing: $12.95 (Regular)
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About This Issue

Technology has changed rapidly, and lawyers who have not reexamined their own marketing strategies--or who don't have a business development plan--risk being overlooked in favor of competitors who may be less skilled in the law, but more tech savvy or attuned to marketing concepts.

This issue of Family Advocate offers tips and strategies you can use to distinguish yourself from other lawyers in the digital age. It also covers ethical pitfalls and violations involving social media.

Articles include:

  • Practice Fundamentals: "Exceptional" Is the Best Brand -- Steven Peskind

  • Find the Magical Mix for Your Digital Marketing Plan -- Micah Buchdahl

    * Preparing Your Podcast -- Carl W. Gilmore

  • Measure Your Marketing: Know how you're doing with what you're doing -- Ronald W. Nelson

  • Inside Job: Turning Good Clients into Great Referral Sources -- Norm Hulcher

  • Common Ethical Pitfalls of Digital Marketing -- Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek

    * Read the ABA Rules

  • Digital Marketing Is Key to Practice Growth -- Robert McClurg

  • Branding Through Your Blog: Helping new clients find you online -- Jeanne M. Hannah

    * Sample Blog Disclaimer

  • Have You Googled Your Name Lately? -- Martha Chan

    * A Picture--and a Publication--Are Worth 1,000 Words -- Bob Guyot

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