"Bill of Rights" Poster Series: Full Set (4 Posters)
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"Bill of Rights" Poster Series: Full Set (4 Posters)

Product Code: 4680035
Sponsoring Entities: Division for Public Education
Topics: Constitutional Law, Public Education
Format: Bundle - 4680035
Pricing: $14.95 (Regular)
What's in this Package?

About the "Bill of Rights" Poster Set

Set includes all four (4) Bill of Rights posters:
    Equal Protection

    This poster features 2 drinking fountains designated "White" and "Colored." Text reads: The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal protection. Otherwise, separate might still be considered equal.

    Freedom of Speech

    This poster features Martin Luther King, Jr. making his "I Have a Dream" speech. Text reads: The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech. Otherwise, it might all have been a dream.

    Right to Assemble

    This poster features suffragettes holding an "I WISH MA COULD VOTE" sign. Text reads: The Bill of Rights guarantees the right to assemble. Otherwise, they might still be that one step behind.

    Religious Freedom

    This poster features an Amish man. Text reads: The Bill of Rights guarantees religious freedom. Otherwise, he wouldn't have a prayer.

These award-winning Bill of Rights posters, designed for the ABA's public service announcement campaign, are perfect for use in classrooms, community centers, and offices. Each dramatic black-and-white poster is printed on heavy 11" x 28" paper.

Although each poster may also be ordered individually, buying the full set saves you 25%!

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