The Judges' Journal
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The Judges' Journal

The Judges' Journal, published quarterly, is the magazine of the American Bar Association Judicial Division, produced by ABA Publishing as a benefit to Division members.
The Judges' Journal
Product Code: 5230100
ISBN: 0047-2972
Sponsoring Entities: Judicial Division
Topics: Constitutional Law, Courts, Legal Research & Writing
Format: Periodicals - 5230100
Pricing: $25.00 (Regular)
About The Judges' Journal

The Judges' Journal is published for judges, lawyers, and others interested in the courts and how they operate. The Judges' Journal includes timely articles addressing issues affecting members of individual Judicial Division Conferences as well as matters affecting the judiciary as a whole. This is the nation's outstanding judicial journal and is the authoritative source on innovations for the judicial system. In fact, The Judges' Journal has received a "Gold Award" in the Scholarly Journals category from the Society of National Association Publications.

8½ x 11
48 pages/issue
Circulation: 4,500

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Melissa Ladwig, Staff Editor

Judge Herbert B. Dixon Jr. and Keith Roberts, Editorial Board Co-Chairs