Thinking About Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency [SALE: WAS $39.95 / NOW 50% OFF]
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Thinking About Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency [SALE: WAS $39.95 / NOW 50% OFF]

Thinking About Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency [SALE: WAS $39.95 / NOW 50% OFF]
Product Code: 1610161
Author: Michael E. Tigar
Publication Date: July 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59031-842-3
Page Count: 238
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Topics: Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, National Security Law
Format: Book - 1610161
Pricing: $19.98 (Regular)
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About the Book

Written in response to Judge Richard Posner's "Not a Suicide Pact," Michael Tigar's new book examines the responses of governments throughout history to terrorist threats, including those in our own nation's history. Tigar focuses specifically on the effects of governmental action on the liberties and constitutional protections enjoyed by the people.

Tigar creates a framework for analyzing our own government's responses to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 -- the now familiar litany of Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, telephone and e-mail spying, and the like -- and for balancing these responses with rights guaranteed under the Constitution, such as the right to be free of searches and seizures and the right to privacy.

Judge Posner came down squarely on the side of the current administration in defending the government's responsibility to keep the people safe at nearly all costs. Tigar demonstrates exactly what those costs have historically been, what they have been recently, and makes the case that subversion of our fragile civil rights is in fact an undermining of the very basis of the republic.

Michael Tigar is widely regarded as one of the top handful of trial lawyers alive today. Revered by other trial lawyers, but not widely known to the general public, Tigar has been on the front lines of major legal battles since the late 1960s, when, just two years out of law school, he led the nationwide effort to fight draft-related prosecutions and argued the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court. Over the past forty years he has represented such defendants as Angela Davis, John Demjanjuk, Terry Nichols (the Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator), and, most recently, Lynn Stewart. He is the author of several highly-regarded trial practice handbooks and of his autobiography, Fighting Injustice, and teaches at American University, Washington College of Law, and Duke Law School.
What Others Are Saying

"Mike Tigar's compelling book is required reading for all ABA members. With his inimitable combination of erudition, incisiveness, and wit, the author conclusively demonstrates that terrorism can only and must be combated effectively within the constitutional framework established by our Founders. Tigar's book is a clarion call for the future of our Republic."

Prof. Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, and Biowarfare and Terrorism

"Thinking About Terrorism provides illuminating perspective on the legal and political issues surrounding the current "War on Terror." Tigar provocatively invites us to compare the threats of today with those of the past, and insists that we not lose sight of the threat to democratic self-rule as we respond to the threat of terror. Tigar is in a unique position to provide insight given his vast experience as a civil and human rights attorney and his broad scholarly knowledge of struggles for peace, stability, and democracy in other societies."

Jordan Steiker, Professor of Law
The University of Texas School of Law

Michael Tigar's book puts the emphasis on the thinking in the title. Employing his legendary power of story-telling and astute and laser-like legal analysis, Tigar reminds us how politicians past and present use terrorism as a strategic and psychological tactic to promote the false premise that only wholesale dismantling of civil liberties and putting blind faith in an all-powerful executive will save civilization.

Elaine Cassel, Attorney, Author, and Professor of Law and Psychology

"When I think of the 6th Amendment and the right to counsel... I think of Michael Tigar. No American lawyer has demonstrated more passion for justice."

Greta Van Susteren
Lawyer and Host of Fox News Channel's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren

"No one since Clarence Darrow has been in the middle of more of his generation's important legal battles than Mike Tigar."

John Keker
Keker and Van Nest, Former Irangate Special Prosecutor

"[O]ne of America's leading criminal defense lawyers... He is both an outstanding teacher and raconteur."

Richard Goldstone
Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
Former Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia