The Essential Formbook, Volume II: Human Resources / Fees Billing and Collection
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The Essential Formbook, Volume II: Human Resources / Fees Billing and Collection

Volume II, Part I, addresses Human Resources, and covers the hiring process, training and development, compensation, and discipline and termination. Part II covers Fees, Billing, and Collection, and includes measuring billing practices, hourly billing, pricing legal services, alternative fee agreements, engagement letters, and managing the billing process. And all the forms, agreements, and checklists are contained on the accompanying diskette!
The Essential Formbook, Volume II: Human Resources / Fees Billing and Collection
Product Code: 5110424V2
Authors: Gary A. Munneke, Anthony E. Davis
Publication Date: July 2001
ISBN: 978-1-57073-902-6
Sponsoring Entities: Law Practice Division
Topics: Billing, Employee Benefits, Law Practice Management
Format: Binder - 5110424V2
Pricing: $199.95 (Regular)
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About the Book

Useful to legal practitioners of all specialties and sizes, this second volume of The Essential Formbook includes more than 100 forms, checklists, and sample documents, and focuses on Human Resources and Fees, Billing, and Collection. These sections will be periodically updated to ensure that you always have the most current information available.

The Essential Formbook:
Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers, Volume II

Part I: Human Resources

Five chapters containing:

  • Numerous job descriptions

  • Traits for successful managers

  • Over 27 recruitment and hiring forms

  • 18 training and development forms

  • 21 evaluation, compensation and benefit forms

  • 6 training checklists

  • A full chapter examining complaints, sanctions, financial penalties, sexual harassment, whistle-blowers, and more. Forms contained here include termination, resignation, warning, and reprimand forms

  • and more!

Part II: Fees, Billing, and Collection
Seven chapters including extensive information on:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your billing practices

  • The problems of hourly billing

  • Pricing legal services

  • Using cost analysis

  • Alternative fee arrangements

  • A self-assessment checklist for selecting a billing method

  • Engagement letters

  • Managing and improving the billing process

  • Managing the collection process, a checklist for improving collections

  • and more!

This publication is made possible through the generous support of the following Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance companies: Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London, England; Grosvenor Brokers, London, England and Herbert L. Jamison & Co., West Orange, New Jersey.
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As a Formbook Subscriber, we'll ship you all four of the the current volumes and then updates as soon as they are developed -- and you'll save 20%!

The Essential Formbook: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers is a 4-volume set, updated annually by the authors. By subscribing, we'll send you all four volumes and automatically send you updates for your approval. You'll receive them as soon as they're published. Return any supplements you don't want, or you may cancel the subscription service at any time by notifying the American Bar Association in writing.

You'll Save 20% when you order the Formbook Series! To become a Formbook Subscriber, call the ABA Service Center today: 1-800-285-2221. We'll send you Volume I through IV for $144.50/$169.95 each, and then send you the updates as soon as they are available!

The four volumes comprising The Essential Formbook: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers gathers all of the essential forms that law practitioners use on a regular basis into one, easy-to-use resource. Collectively, these forms will help you establish profitable, affirmative client relationships so you can avoid unnecessary risks associated with malpractice and disciplinary complaints. You'll appreciate the enormous time savings as well as the confidence of having these convenient forms at your fingertips.

Developed by lawyers, law office management consultants, and the American Bar Association, all forms in The Essential Formbook have been successfully used by legal practitioners. Each form comes complete with its own set of instructions and usage explanations, so you can select the ones most relevant to your practice. And, with all the forms available on diskette, it's easy to modify them to match your specific needs.

The Essential Formbook will help you:

  • Increase office management efficiency

  • Customize already proven office forms, letters, and other materials

  • Avoid misunderstandings and malpractice risks

  • Establish affirmative client relationships

  • Improve service and boost bottom-line profitability

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