Google for Lawyers (E-book)
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Google for Lawyers (E-book)

Google for Lawyers (E-book)
Product Code: 5110704EBK
About the Authors: Carole A. Levitt, Mark E. Rosch
Publication Date: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61438-170-9
Page Count: 544
Topics: Career Development, General Practice, Law Practice Management, Legal Research & Writing, Legal Technology, Reference
Format: eBook - 5110704EBK
Pricing: $79.95 (Regular)
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$47.95 (Law Practice Division) ABA Members, Log in now to receive this discount!
About Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools

This is the e-book version of Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools
in EPUB format. EPUB is compatible with many e-readers, including iPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Kobo, and others.

In the decade since its launch, Google has become synonymous with searching on the Internet. This book unleashes the full power of Google as a search engine and, as a provider of free and low-cost tools that can help any attorney compete with large firms and their large research and technology budgets.

Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools introduces novice Internet searchers to the diverse collection of information locatable through Google. The book discusses the importance of including effective Google searching as part of a lawyer's due diligence, and cites case law that mandates that lawyers should use Google and other resources available on the Internet, where applicable. For intermediate and advanced users, the book unlocks the power of various advanced search strategies and hidden search features they might not be aware of.

Designed to help lawyers learn how they can put all of Google's power to work in their practices, Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools will also unlock access to various free Google services. From the lesser-known Google Voice, Google Wave, and Google Translate to the better-known office applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these services can make novice, intermediate, and advanced users alike, more productive attorneys.

Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools will help you:
  • learn the ins and outs of Google search shortcuts to save time and money

  • use Google's advanced features for research to uncover valuable information on the Internet that might have otherwise been missed

  • take advantage of Google's free office applications to become more efficient in your practice and save money

  • utilize the various Google tools and databases quickly and efficiently to access free case law; find newspaper and magazine articles; set up Alerts; and locate information about expert witnesses, the opposition, jurors, existing and potential clients, missing witnesses, and more

  • understand Google Analytics to track statistics for your web site

  • search for Federal Government-related resources using Google's Uncle Sam Search

  • advertise and market your firm using Google Advertising Services

  • and much more!
This practical guide's step-by-step descriptions, Search Tips, Usage Tips, and hundreds of screenshots detail the "how" of using all of Google's features. Additionally, the author's Practice Tips, Ethics Alerts, and various "war stories" from legal professionals, detail the "why."

Google for Lawyers' tips, tactics, strategies and free office applications will make it one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal to become a Google power user - locating information from the Internet more effectively and practicing more efficiently and cost effectively.

What Others Are Saying About Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools

"A great wake-up call for those of us who think we know a little about Google and how much it does. I thought I was pretty good at tracking down information with this multipurpose tool, but I learned I didn't know the half of it.--Barbara Cashman Hahn, The Colorado Lawyer

"I recommend the book for both firm and academic law libraries. Practicing attorneys will appreciate the authors' pragmatic advice for using Google products to save both time and money. Law students will be interested in learning more about Google's role in their future law practicesa judgment I make based on the number of questions I received from students who simply noticed the book sitting on my desk. The information in the book should also prove valuable in legal research classes, where it can be used to help teach students to conduct proper and efficient web research.--Kurt Meyer, Law Library Journal