Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner's Guide to Key Issues and Developments
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Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner's Guide to Key Issues and Developments

Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner's Guide to Key Issues and Developments
Product Code: 5210278
Editor: Lelia Mooney
August 2013: August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62722-139-9
Page Count: 328
Trim Size: 7x10
Sponsoring Entities: Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Section of International Law
Topics: Human Rights Law, International Law
Format: Book - 5210278
Other Formats: eBook - 5210278EBK
Pricing: $79.95 (Regular)
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About Promoting the Rule of Law

More now than ever, there is a consensus around the ideal of the rule of law and the centrality of its contribution to the development of democratic, prosperous, peaceful, and secure societies. The mandate entrusted by the international community to the rule of law is extraordinarily wide and keeps growing. The expansion and complexity of forces challenging the rule of law at the global and national levels speak of a constantly growing mandate.
Trafficking in persons, devastating wars, organized crime, violations of minority and human rights, wars and conflict, poverty and hunger, the intersections between justice and security, access to land, crimes against the environment and sustainable development, gender-based violence, health and HIV, law-related market promotion, and lack of economic development and opportunities are among some of those growing forces that challenge the rule of
law and democratic governance of societies.
This book explores many facets of this mandate, offering an introduction to the subject for those contemplating a career move and food for thought to seasoned practitioners of the art of promoting the rule of law. Indeed, given the increasing scope and complexity of rule of law related initiatives around the world, the subject is of growing interest to many
lawyers working in public and private international law. Moreover, a wide range of professionals
involved in the fields of economic and sustainable development, democracy, peace, governance, gender and social inclusion may benefit from these insights. As it does so, this book also addresses the meaningor, rather, the various meaningsof rule of law.

The twelve chapters and three appendices in this book offer a broad array of perspectives on the promotion of the rule of law in todays world. Some of the authors are themselves practitioners, and their contributions offer revealing perspectives on the challenges and opportunities encountered in the field. Other contributors are members of the academic community that seeks to give practitioners the conceptual tools with which to work effectively in developing countries and societies trying to recover from conflict. Whatever their backgrounds, all the authors seek to get to the heart of how to make efforts to promote the rule of law more effective, more responsive, more inclusive, more coordinated,
more humane, and more enduring.

The rule of law consists of the essential rules and rights that make possible a thriving and fair society. Around the globe, people are denied essential rights like safety, freedom, education and health, due to the lack of promotion of the rule of law. It is necessary to strengthen its importance in the world by raising awareness and understanding in different sectors, regions and areas. This book is a formidable tool in assisting not only lawyers but also the general public in enforcing the rule of law at their domestic and international environments.
 Justice Ellen Gracie Northfleet, Former Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil

This book is a must read for lawyers seeking to join efforts to promote the rule of law abroad. The impressive collection of authors offer wisdom and guidance from a broad range of perspectives, from the role of the rule of law in promoting economic development to rebuilding conflict-affected societies. While legal training is important to engage in technical aspects of justice development, it is the multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach advocated by this book that is critical to success. This book makes an important contribution to the growing cadre of rule of law practitioners needed to meet the expanding demand for effective, legitimate and fair justice services worldwide.
 Anne-Marie Leroy, Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel, The World Bank

The Rule of Law has become a centerpiece of discussion in recent years by a widely diverse set of institutions and interests: politicians/governments; business leaders; academia; and civil society. This spotlight on what had previously been a bit of a
backwater in legal analysis is long overdue and owes much to the groundbreaking work of the World Justice Project (started by the American Bar Association) and its Rule of Law Index. I am pleased to see that the ABA is continuing its leadership in this field through this very thoughtful book, edited by Lelia Mooney. Its list of contributing authors is first rate and it very nicely sets the context for the further development of this burgeoning discipline.
 James R. Silkenat, President, American Bar Association

The diversity of perspectives on display here share a worthy ambition: to move from rhetoric to reality in understanding the role of law promotion in fostering more humane societies. Crises of governance are testing leaders the world over to fulfill the grand
promise of the rule of law. This volume could not be more timely.
 James A. Goldston, Executive Director, Open Society Justice Initiative

The lessons to be drawn from the essays in this book concerning the dynamic and multi-dimensional character of the rule of law are especially valuable to the fast changing legal environment in which the role and impact of private actors is no longer peripheral. Its diverse and realistic representation of the rule of law responds well to the challenges posed by the emerging global environment for business and human rights. A timely and invaluable work.
 Michael K. Addo, Member of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights

This book provides a relevant, timely and practical resource for development researchers, practitioners and donors. The focus on women, conflict and post-conflict settings, and practical guidance in designing rule of law missions, are especially welcome.
 Irene Khan, IDLO Director General
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