Nanotechnology: Environmental Law, Policy, and Business Considerations
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Nanotechnology: Environmental Law, Policy, and Business Considerations

Nanotechnology: Environmental Law, Policy, and Business Considerations
Product Code: 5350186B
Editor: Lynn L. Bergeson
Publication Date: December 4, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60442-582-6
Page Count: 308
Trim Size: 6 x 9 Paperback
Sponsoring Entities: Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
Topics: Technology Law
Format: Book - 5350186B
Pricing: $89.95 (Regular)
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About this Book

The rapid commercialization of nanotechnology is one of the most intriguing industrial phenomena of the early twenty-first century. Consumer products derived from the application of engineered nanotechnologies run the gamut, from sunscreens to paints to computer hard drives. Nanotechnology also holds promise for advances in health care and environmental cleanup.

But just as the universe of applied nanotechnology is burgeoning, so are the questions raised about the possible impact of exposure to nanoscale materials on human health and the environment. The commercialization of nanotechnology poses major challenges for environmental regulators, from policy makers to scientists and engineers to lawyers. Complicating the picture are the unique properties of nanoparticles as well as the ambition of researchers and the commercial sector to use nanotechnology in health and environment-enhancing tools, such as drug delivery devices or groundwater pollution sensors.

As this dynamic area continues to evolve, Nanotechnology: Environmental Law, Policy, and Business Considerations offers an authoritative look at the regulatory, governance, and business issues of a technology that is as fascinating as it is challenging. This is an invaluable and current resource for legal practitioners, regulatory professionals, consultants, in-house counsel, product managers, and others to understand the application of the core environmental statutes to nanotechnolgy as well as the critical business issues affected by this commercialized technology.

The contributors to this volume have sought to identify regulatory, governance, and business issues of ongoing - and evolving - importance in this challenging arena. The first part of the book discusses nanotechnology in relation to the country's key environmental statutes: TSCA, FIFRA/FQPA, the Clean Air Act, ESA, RCRA, CERCLA, the Clean Water Act, and NEPA. Additional chapters consider these overarching issues:
  • The need for a systematic and multifaceted approach to governance that includes, in addition to traditional regulatory structures, performance and product standards; economic instruments; public dialogue; information collection and reporting; a proactive approach o liability; and corporate self-regulation
  • Initiatives in developing nanotechnology standards and consensus led by industry standard-setting organizations, government agencies, and the public sector
  • The types of risks and potential liabilities facing companies in the business of nanotechnology, as well as the need for those organizations to be aware of and in compliance with securities law reporting issues, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and a high degree of due diligence
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