Foundations of Digital Evidence
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Foundations of Digital Evidence

Foundations of Digital Evidence
Product Code: 5450053
Author: George L. Paul
Publication Date: July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60442-104-0
Page Count: 480
Trim Size: 7 x 10 - Paperback
Sponsoring Entities: Section of Science & Technology Law
Topics: Science & Engineering Law, Technology Law
Format: Book - 5450053
Other Formats: PDF - 5450053PDF
Pricing: $119.95 (Regular)
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About this Book

"A watershed . . ."

-- from the Foreword by Judge John M. Facciola, U. S. Magistrate Judge for the District of Columbia

Foundations of Digital Evidence provides you with a legal and practical approach to the new world of digital information. This book has been described as a must have for litigation lawyers, corporate counsel and records managers who want to understand how to appropriately handle the digital information of an enterprise. The book provides an overview and history of digital evidence, as well as a thorough discussion of relevant issues, including:
  • How you can view and understand informational records, so that you can ask the right questions in search of the truth;
  • An understanding of how to ensure that any digital record is authentic, including a full explanation of how to authenticate digital evidence -- or contest its admission as the case may be;
  • A discussion of the three principal foundations that determine whether a digital writing is authentic;
  • How to test whether digital information has changed through time;
  • A discussion of the various ways evidence of time appears in digital records;
  • An overview of identity issues -- How do we know who is playing in our information systems? Is there a way to keep track? Who authored a digital record?
  • An understanding of hearsay rules and under what circumstances judges admit computer-generated information into evidence;
  • And much more!
The book provides numerous case studies, model witness examinations, and illustrations for a better understanding of both the admissibility and the weight of digital evidence. These case studies show how existing computer systems can be used to produce reliable digital information that should be admitted into evidence. Also included in the book are two studies from real-life federal court litigation cases: Will the Real When Please Stand Up? and A Day in the Life of the Printed Electronic Document. Lastly, the author provides a discussion of how five other nations, Argentina, France, Germany, Japan, and Russian Federation, have recognized the importance of digital evidence.

So whether you are a litigator, a business lawyer or anyone who deals with digital records and evidence, you cannot afford to be without this book. Order your copy today.

What Others Are Saying

"George provides a great gift in his book - whether you want to make sure you have authenticated something properly or whether you want to challenge the authentication of ESI, there is something in this book for you."

-- Sharon D. Nelson, Esq
President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
Fairfax, VA

"George Paul's book is up to the task - it successfully 'decrypts' this complex topic and provides appropriate examples that clarify understanding for both business professionals and attorneys. It may also prove to be an important 'spark' to kindle the 'white flames of progress' necessary to reform antiquated laws so that digital evidence can be fully and effectively embraced. I would recommend it as a 'must read' for those attempting to create sound policy for their organizations."

-- Arthur W. Coviello, Jr.
Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation and President
RSA, The Security Division of EMC
Bedford, MA

"This book is critical reading for anyone who has to deal with digitally generated data -- which is all of us."

-- John P. Tomaszewski, Esq.
VP, Legal, Policy & Compliance

"Over the past several decades a severe 'disconnect' between computer technology advances and the law of evidence has arisen. George Paul's book finally explores this dynamic disconnect, offers solutions, and applies them to current e-commerce. This is a must read book for anyone involved in the present and future of evidentiary issues and computer technology."

-- Michael R. Arkfeld
author, Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence

"This must-have book for both security and auditor professionals (and lawyers too) has a primary focus on the legal community, but it does not require the reader to have a law degree to understand the material. For the first time, the non-specialist can take proactive steps, based on an understanding rather than a mandate, to ensure appropriate levels of authenticity and integrity of key digital records."

Senior Director, Data Networking Technology
Chair, SNIA Security Technical Work Group
Vice Chair, IEEE Security in Storage Work Group (P1619)

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Introduction PDF
About the Author PDF

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