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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the APA:
An APA Trivia Quiz

Here's a few Brain Teasers to test your knowledge of the APA.

  1. What day was the APA enacted?

  2. What year was the APA repealed?

  3. In 1960, where in the U.S. Code would a legal researcher have found the APA?

  4. Who was the Attorney General who wrote the Attorney General's Manual on the APA?

  5. Who was the Chairman of the Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure?

  6. Who was the Attorney General who appointed the members of the Committee?

  7. Name another member of the Committee?

  8. Who was the Staff Director of the Committee?

  9. Name another staff member of the Committee.

  10. How many monographs were published by the Committee in conjunction with its final report in 1941?

  11. How many sections were in the original APA?

  12. How were "administrative law judges" referred to in the original APA?

  13. Who were the two primary Senate and House sponsors of the bill that became the APA?

  14. How many votes were cast against the APA in both Houses of Congress combined?

  15. What was the name of the bill that President Roosevelt vetoed in 1939, that would have taken a very different approach to administrative law reform?

  16. Which one of the following laws predated the APA: Federal Tort Claims Act, Federal Register Act, Agency Practice Act, Federal Advisory Committee Act?

  17. What was the name of the most recent Public Law that amended the codified APA?

Are you stumped? You can take a peek at the answers.

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