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 Section of Antitrust Law

Spring Meeting 2010

We hope you are planning to be in Washington for the 58th ABA Section of Antitrust Law Annual Spring Meeting. The conference has long been the best-attended and most comprehensive review of developments in antitrust and consumer protection law available anywhere.

On the agenda are cutting-edge antitrust and consumer protection issues featuring a faculty that includes leading antitrust lawyers from the U.S. and non-U.S. enforcement agencies, corporate law departments and law firms, as well as economists and academics. There will be a track for international sessions, another for litigation, and, for the first time, a track for consumer protection/privacy sessions. Ethics credits will also be available.

Wednesday highlights include:

  • Fundamentals of antitrust, consumer protection and antitrust economics.
  • Breakfast with the Deputy Assistant Attorney Generals of the US Department of Justice
  • The Spring Luncheon (seating is limited) followed by a luncheon program: Innovation, Antitrust and the Big Picture presented by Richard Rapp.
  • Committee Connection Welcome Reception where all can visit with the leaders of the committees that do the Section’s work

Thursday highlights include:

  • Breakfast with the State Antitrust Enforcers
  • The Chair’s Showcase
  • A mock jury trial demonstrating the deliberations of the mock jury and offering an opportunity for questions of mock jurors, with presentations from some of the country’s most experienced antitrust litigators
  • Spring Dinner (limited availability) with guest speaker Joel I. Klein.

Friday highlights include:

  • Breakfast with the Bureau Directors from the Federal Trade Commission
  • The traditional “Roundtable Conference” in which top antitrust enforcement officials engage in a wide-ranging, spirited discussion of current “hot” topics

Throughout the Conference, high-speed internet and coffee will be available at The Bookstore. More importantly, this is the location to discover the Section of Antitrust Law publications and products or you can do so now by clicking here.

Those traveling from outside of the Washington DC area may want to secure hotel accommodations at this time. Spring Meeting rooms do tend to sell out quickly, especially at the JW Marriott Hotel.

We look forward to seeing you in April.

Spring 2009 - Section Luncheon
2009 Section Luncheon: Roundtable Discussion with Federal Court of Appeal
Judges Thomas A. Barnett, The Hon. Michael Boudin,
The Hon. Douglas H. Ginsburg, The Hon. Diane P. Wood


Spring 2009 - Mock Trial
2009 Mock Trial
Presiding Judge: The Hon. Sarah S. Vance


Spring 2009 - Enforcer's Roundtable
2009 Enforcer's Roundtable
James A. Wilson, William C. MacLeod, Roxane C. Busey,
Scott D. Hammond, Robert L. Hubbard, Commissioner Neelie Kroes,
The Hon. Jon Leibowitz



Oral History Project

To date, we have 32 fascinating and engaging interviews available to be viewed online. The work of collecting oral histories is far from over and we expect to conduct approximately ten interviews each year.


Please check this site for updated information ongoing.


Roxann E. Henry
Howrey LLP
Washington, DC
Conference Co-Chair

William C. MacLeod
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
Washington, DC
Conference Co-Chair


 Section of Antitrust Law

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