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American Bar Association

ABA Section of Business Law

Volume 12, Number 6 - July/August 2003

Choose one: Expediter or cat herder?
The role of the in-house counsel in corporate decision making
By Bernard K. Hooper
 Snap Judgments
 Meeting Morsels
 Speaking Volumes
 Nonbinding Opinion
 Pro Bono in Action
 Section Calendar

Does M&A mean Manage & Adjust?
Beware new ground rules, new hazards
By Brett Goldblatt and Sheryl L. Cefali

What's a lawyer gonna do?
A diagnostic analysis of the in-house/corporate relationship
By Sarah Reed

Putting it in writing
Offer letter clarifies the employment relationship
By Anne M. Hilbert

Passing it on
Five basic issues in technology licensing<
By Jim E. Bullock

Recipe for an overdue change
Why corporate lawyers sometimes need to give business advice
By Martin B. Robins

Getting commercial in Indian Country
That can be big business, and lawyers should be ready
By Gabriel S. Galanda

Corporate directors, LLCs and liability
It's not settled, but caution is advised
By Victor Peterson and Alison N. Zirn

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