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American Bar Association

ABA Section of Business Law

Volume 13, Number 1 - September/October 2003

Business Letters


  The meaning of in-house

My thanks for Bernard K. Hooper's great article, "Choose one: Expediter or cat herder? The role of the in-house counsel in corporate decision making" in the July-August issue of Business Law Today.

It was very thoughtful and enjoyable.
Although much of it was in the context of the "for- profit" corporation, I find many situations applicable to those of us practicing in-house for charitable nonprofit entities.

Sean P. Scally
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tenn.

I read with great interest the Hooper article.
I teach contracts and other commercial law subjects. Law school virtually excludes the role of the business/transactional lawyer, especially in the first year. I'm always looking for ways to show my contracts students what business lawyers do.

This article is terrific and I intend to recommend it to my students. I also sent a copy to my dean. I thought he could use the insight to explain how lawyers add value to businesses and communities.

Marie T. Reilly
University of South Carolina
Columbia, S.C.

  On Indian law

I have just read Gabriel Galanda's well written article on Indian law ("Getting commercial in Indian Country") in the July-August issue of Business Law Today.

I have forwarded it to a friend who is Shoshone and applying to law school, who hopes to work with her tribe in Nevada.

This is not an area in which I expect to practice, but I really enjoyed the article and getting a sense of the complex issues confronting lawyers in this specialty.

Anne P. Wheeler
Birmingham, Ala.

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