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Yes, yes, we know. BLT is finally over its head. Time for our mini-theme on water law. But will this affect your practice? You never know -- especially if you practice west of the Mississippi River. Or your client runs a cruise line. Check out our cover story and three more pieces about water. Of course it's possible you may not need substantive information on water law. As is the case with all our mini-theme issues, we have feature articles on subjects that have nothing to do with the mini-theme. In this case, that includes a piece on the newly revised federal bankruptcy law. Hmmm: I think a good number of our readers have something to do with that subject. And then there's a timely piece on business-interruption claims (think Hurricane Katrina). And finally, how are law schools doing teaching business law? The schools have taken care of litigators pretty well over the years; it's time for them to think about business lawyers.

Water and the law
A guide to what matters
By Bill Staudenmaier

Whose water is it?
It's crucial out West
By Jamie M. Morin

Get on board
Yes, maritime law is different
By B. Otis Felder

High and dry in Nevada
When water rights trump development
By Dan Reaser, Shawn Elicegui, William McKean and Douglas Cannon

Time to reorganize: But how?
A look at the new bankruptcy law
By Elizabeth M. Bohn

An ill wind blows no good
The nuances of business-interruption claims
By Patricia McHugh Lambert and Jennifer L. Kleeman

When theory meets practice
Tweaking business-law education
By Darhiana Mateo

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