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Our mini-theme: Business of Fun

Although usually happy with our clients, partners and choice of practice area, many of us secretly dream of what it would be like to work in a "fun" field of law. In this issue we have asked several of our colleagues whose business is fun to provide us with thumbnail sketches of their work and clients.

If you have a hankering for music, then the article by John Rolfe Jr. and John Murdock III on the intellectual property issues surrounding music and songs will fill your bill.

If your client wants you to help devise a big-time promotion (or your grandmother asks how sweepstakes really work), Tsan Abrahamson's article gives you the background on running promotions, sweepstakes and contests.

If you are enchanted with the thought of working for glitzy casinos, Sean McGuiness' article on gaming law will enlighten you on the day-to-day life of gaming lawyers.

Finally, if you are thinking of chucking it all and running away to Napa, then you will want to read aptly named author Paul Beveridge's article on winemaking for lawyers.

All in all, after reading these articles, we think you will either conclude our brethren in "fun" areas do pretty much the same work as the rest of us, or you might just pack you bags and join them!

— Kathleen Hopkins


On the record
How music connects with law
By John M. Rolfe Jr. and John E. Murdock III

The promotion that went south
A look at the hazards of product sweepstakes and contests
By Tsan Abrahamson

They call it gaming...
...and you can bet it's changed a lot
By Sean McGuinness

Take a break, make some wine
Who said lawyers can't be vintners?
By R. Paul Beveridge

It's a new world for banks, too
They have to beware of terrorists and money laundering
By Darhiana Mateo

Antitrust's new big brother
Feds now can wiretap suspected offenders
By Mark D. Alexander and Peter A. Barile III

Turning Away Clients
A look at problematic representations
By Marty Robins

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