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Our lead story covers law firm culture and how it affects not only members of your firm, but your clients as well. It will have you thinking of new ways to control the direction of your practice. Its companion piece discusses the dilemmas faced by a number of lawyers in trying to balance their work lives with their private lives, and solutions they've found. We also talk about using arbitration to manage the costs and risks associated with resolving commercial disputes abroad. Included is a terrific piece on speaking the lingo of securities fraud. The entry names alone are worth reading-but read the definitions too. We also cover the expanded role of lawyers for financial institutions, where things can go wrong, and how to take control over the increased scope of activities. Plus there are articles on the increase of information disclosures by the SEC under the Freedom of Information Act, what to look for when doing due diligence for a franchise opportunity, and our usual departments.

Culture, culture and more culture
A recipe for thriving environments
By Keith Halleland

Tipping back the scales
Law firms in search of work-life balance
By Francesca Jarosz

Getting to yes abroad
Using arbitration as a tool
By Michael S. Greco and Ian Meredith

The financial institution lawyer
Four flavors of failure
By Thomas C. Baxter Jr. and Brian T. Baxter

A (very brief) encyclopedia of securities fraud
By M. Owen Donley III

The FOIA blitzkrieg
Company documents provided to the SEC are under attack
By Michael J. Rivera and Kimberly A. Cain

Digging into franchises
The due diligence minefield
By Barry Kurtz

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