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Our mini-theme: Immigration Law

"In a global economy, it is more important than ever that key personnel be able to cross borders expedi-tiously, with certainty and frequency." So begins the first article in our immigration law mini-theme, Top Five Business Immigration Law Issues, by H. Ronald Klasko. The remaining articles explain in depth some of the immigration law issues with which business lawyers should be familiar.

The Obama administration's enhanced focus on employer compliance with immigration rules is the subject of Elise Fialkowski's article, The Administration's New Work Site Enforcement Initiatives. A business must ensure that key personnel are able to work within that business anywhere in the world, and Bryan Y. Funai and Esther Contreras explain some issues involved in cross-border employee transfers in Creating a Global Work-force: Transferring Non-U.S. Citizen Personnel to the United States.

Two articles focus on two different points in the life cycle of a business. Kate Kalmykov covers immigration is-sues involved in a company's downsizing in Immigration Obligations in Times of Economic Downturn. Looking forward to better economic times, Angelo Paparelli explains some immigration issues involved in corporate mergers in Bothersome Immigration Buzz Spells Trouble for M&A Deals.

Last, we include a Pro Bono in Action piece by Professor Jill E. Family, who, in An Immigrant's Need for Representation, discusses the work of the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center, which works with immigrants detained at Pennsylvania's York County Prison, one of the country's major immigration detention centers.

We hope you enjoy these timely and informative articles.

--Juliet M. Moringiello
Harrisburg, Pa.

Top five business immigration law issues
What employers need to know in today's economy
H. Ronald Klasko

The administration's new work site enforcement initiatives
Focus on employer compliance will increase audits and investigations
Elise Fialkowski

Creating a global workforce
Transferring non-U.S. citizen personnel to the United States
Bryan Y. Funai and Esther Contreras

Immigration obligations in times of economic downturn
Consequences of workforce changes involving foreign nationals
Kate Kalmykov

Bothersome immigration buzz spells trouble for M&A deals
New homeland security memo complicates employee transfers
Angelo A. Paparelli

Pro bono in action
An immigrant's need for representation
Jill E. Family


Reining in directors and officers in corporate America
In Delaware, the answer is not to expand their personal liability
Dominick T. Gattuso and Vernon R. Proctor

Representing independent directors after Sarbanes-Oxley
The growing role of independent counsel
James M. Lyons

Negotiating the loan commitment
The borrower's perspective
John N. Oest


Snap Judgments
Notes on news items from the world of business and the law.
Keeping Current:
Concise up-to-the minute summaries of new cases and developments impacting specific business law practice areas.

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