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Purpose of the Program

The Business Law Section is committed to encouraging and increasing the participation of young lawyers in Section activities. To further this commitment, the Business Law Fellows program is designed to facilitate the involvement of Young Lawyers in Section activities and to develop future leaders of the Section. The program also aims to enhance the image of the Section among members of the Young Lawyers Division ("YLD").

Obligations of the Section

For the Program to be successful, the Section commits financial resources and participation opportunities to the Fellows. These commitments include the following:

  • To reimburse expenses, consistent with Section policies, for attendance at the ABA Annual Meeting, the Section Spring Meeting, and one stand-alone meeting of the committee to which the Fellow is appointed for each year of their two-year term;
  • To involve the Fellow in the substantive work of the committee to which the Fellow is assigned;
  • To assign to each Fellow a mentor within the Business Law Fellows, Ambassadors and Diplomat Committee and a mentor within the Fellow's assigned substantive committee to help each Fellow navigate his or her way within the Section and to help ensure that each Fellow's tenure is a success; and
  • To maximize the opportunities for participation and professional development within the Section.

Obligations of the Business Law Fellows

Critical to the success of the Program is the commitment by the Business Law Fellows to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by becoming active participants in Section activities. Their commitments include the following:

  • To attend the Spring and Annual Meetings of the Section as well as any stand alone meetings of their Committees;
  • To continue involvement in the activities of the YLD and to identify substantive areas of common interest in which the YLD and the Business Law Section can coordinate;
  • To coordinate with the YLD Liaisons in recruiting YLD members to become members of the Section;
  • To submit timely and responsive written reports on your activities and progress a Fellow; and
  • To act as mentors to new Business Law Fellows and other YLD members who join the Section.

Business Law Fellows Application

Please click here to download the 2013-2015 Business Law Fellows application. Applications are due by April 12, 2013. Please submit your application via email to Leslie Archer at leslie.archer@americanbar.org.

Please contact Leslie Archer at (312) 988-5630 or leslie.archer@americanbar.org with any questions regarding your application to the Business Law Ambassadors Program.

The Selection Process

The Officers of the Section will govern the process by which the Business Law Fellows are selected. To be considered for selection as a Business Law Fellow, a person must be an active YLD member who has demonstrated a significant interest in an area of business law that coincides with the work of a substantive committee of the Section. Selection as a Business Law Fellow is intended to be an honor which carries a prestige and distinction reflecting the substantive contributions of a young business lawyer who has been active in the YLD. Candidates for the Program will be determined the first year through consultation with the leadership of the YLD and with the YLD Liaisons and other members of the Section who have significant contacts with the YLD. Thereafter, it is expected existing Fellows will participate in the selection process and that the Section will work with the officers of the YLD to broadly disseminate to YLD members information regarding the opportunity to be named a Fellow, including a nomination/application form which can be submitted to the Section.

Number of Business Law Fellows

The Program will select five Fellows each year and will fund their expenses for two years. Thus, in any year after the first year of the Program, there would be a total of ten Fellows, divided into two classes.

Business Law Fellows

2012-2014 Fellows


    Julia Bahner
    Mercer Island, WA
    Business and Corporate Litigation Committee

    Sankeetha Selvarajah
    Boston, MA
    Middle Market and Small Business Committee and Mergers and Acquisitions Committee

    Brian Sumner
    Washington, DC
    Corporate Counsel Committee

2011-2013 Fellows


    Philip Long
    Greensboro, NC
    Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Committee and Law and Accounting Committee

    Mac McCoy
    Tampa, FL
    Business and Corporate Litigation Committee

    Jeffrey Sklarz
    Bridgeport, CT
    Business Bankruptcy Committee

2010-2012 Fellows

2009-2011 Fellows

2008-2010 Fellows

2007-2009 Fellows

2006-2008 Fellows

2005-2007 Fellows

2004-2006 Fellows

2003-2005 Fellows

2002-2004 Fellows