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CLE Sample Forms

State of Texas

  • Sign in on the CLE sign-in sheet (Use the CLE Course Attendance Form for Annual Meeting)
  • Pick up your Certificate of Attendance (this is to be filed with your state agency per your state instructions)
  • Keep the Certificate of Attendance for your records. Do not return it to the ABA.
  • Return your completed evaluation form to the Registration Desk.
  • Pick-up the Texas CLE Course Attendance Form (only one form is required for the entire conference stating the grand total)
  • Using a #2 pencil, follow the instructions on the card and clearly fill in the information.
  • Return the completed card to the ABA staff. ABA staff will submit this information to the State Bar of Texas.
  • Retain the stub with your course materials. The course no. will be available within two-weeks post conference. Contact the ABA CLE Center for this number.

CLE Form

CLE Course Attendance Form

CLE Form

CLE Form

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