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Section of International Law:
International Private Client Committee


2016 Europe Forum IPCC Program (Rome, Italy)

Beginning on August 17, 2015, the "Brussels IV" regulations established a new legal Framework governing the disposition of multinational estates in Europe. One of the most impactful parts of the new regime is the right to choose the governing law. International practitioners should be aware of the fundamental principles of these rules to properly advise their estate planning clients. The panel has discussed the following questions, among others : (i) Will Brussels IV simplify the planning and administration of International estates ? (ii) Will it establish certainty in governing law ? (iii) Why allow individuals to opt in or out of certain succession rules? (iv) How does it affect forced heirship rules ? (v) What issues remain unresolved ? (vi) What issues will the practitioner encounter in the months and years ahead? This program had been co-sponsored by the ABA-SIL International Family Law Committee and by the ABA-RPTE Section International Tax Planning Committee. Panel Chairs were Frederick K. Shoenbrodt and James I. Dougherty who was also moderating this panel. Speakers were Diane Le Grand de Belleroche, Donald Carroll and Roberta Gentili Purcell. Their contributions have been gathered by the Moderator in a document that is also posted on this IPCC web (home) page.

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