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Vol. 5, No. 1 - February 2017

In this issue:

Message from the Editor
Thomas D. Goslin...1

FERC's Authority to Consider Environmental Concerns in Regulating the Electricity Industry
Michael Zielinski...3

Faulty Regulation: North America's Shaky Regulatory Response to Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity
Richard Gardner...13

Backup Industrial Electricity Rates: Vital to Sustaining the Industrial Heartland Through Distributed Generation
Chrissy Astbury...25

Vol. 4, No. 1 - April 2016

In this issue:

Message from the Editors
Patrick Foster and Thomas Goslin III...1

Renewable Energy Remains Poised for a Banner Year in 2016
Joshua L. Sturtevant and Morgan M. Gerard...3

Supreme Court Affirms FERC Jurisdiction over Demand Response in Organized Wholesale Markets
Brian Zimmet, David DeSalle, Matthew Field, and Sejal Shah...5

The Future of the Clean Power Plan Remains Uncertain
Thomas Goslin...8

Vol. 3, No. 4 - August 2015

In this issue:

Chair Message
Andrew Schatz, Stephanie Altman and R. Juge Gregg, Shannon Broome and Emily Fisher, Kimberly Diamond and Roger Stark, Keith Casto, Renee Martin-Nagle, and Kim Smaczniak...3

European Union’s Response to the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis: Will It Be a Model for Energy Security?
Johanna R. Thibault...4

Revisiting the U.S. Oil Export Ban
Andrew Teodorescu...8

Shedding Light on Solar Access Laws: Consumer Protection of Solar Customers
Shannon Frede...12

Prognosis of India’s Position on Climate Change at COP 21
Anupam Jha...16

Kroner for Forests: Norway’s Payments for Tropical Rainforests
Andrew Falk...20

The New Normal of Carbon Pricing: Province of Ontario, Canada, to Unveil a Cap-and-Trade System in an Effort to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Dan Kirby, Jack Coop, Richard King, Jennifer Fairfax, Patrick Welsh, and Rebecca Hall-McGuire...24

Vol. 3, No. 3 - August 2015

In this issue:

Going Toe-to-Toe with Hydro—Conflicts between Hydropower and Other Sources of Renewable Power
Neil Issar...3
The Evolution of the Utility Regulatory Model
Ryan M. Watson...8
Iowa’s Eight Factors for Avoiding How Distributed Solar Disrupts the Status Quo
Kathryn M. Terrell...14

Vol. 3, No. 2 - March 2015

In this issue:

Welcome from the RADER Co-Chairs
Kimberly E. Diamond and Roger D. Stark...1

Cyber Insurance Considerations for the Energy Sector
Andrew M. Reidy and Courtney E. Alvarez...3

Why Latin American Renewable Energy Will (Likely) Survive Cheap Oil
Justin S. Miller...5

Thoughts on Crowdfunding Renewable Energy Projects
Paul Blumenstein... 7

Vol. 3, No. 1 - September 2014

In this issue:

Welcome from the RADER Co-Chairs
Kimberly E. Diamond and Roger D. Stark...1

Standing in the Greenhouse: A Scientific Approach to a Constitutional Problem
Walker C. Stanovsky...4

Sidestepping the Sleeping Giant: Crafting Renewable Portfolio Standards to Avoid Triggering Dormant Commerce Clause Scrutiny
Michael Disotell...8

Don’t Cut the Net: Ensuring We Effectively Harness Solar Energy
Keith Richard...12

Vol. 2, No. 3 - August 2014

In this issue:

Message from the RADER Co-Chairs
Kim Diamond and Roger Stark...1

Race to Become America’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Be Nearing the Finish Line
Thomas Goslin...4

Washington Supreme Court Upholds Environmental Review for Biomass Cogeneration Project
Dustin T. Till...8

Determining the Value of Distributed Generation and the Future Role of Net Metering in Arizona
Jason D. Gellman...11

ESCOS: Business Models and Hard Lessons Learned
Michael J. Zimmer...14

A Renewable Military: Changing the Energy Paradigm in the Armed Forces
Eric Wilber...17

Vol. 2, No. 2 - February 2014

In this issue:

Message from the RADER Co-Chairs
Kimberly E. Diamond and Roger D. Stark...1

Defining the Intangible: Renewable Energy Certificate Claims and Ownership in the Green Guide Era
Robin Quarrier and John P. Rose...4

Connecticut Microgrid Reforms May Signal Changes in Other States
Jeff Winmill...7

Solar Access Rights and Tree Rights Are Compatible
Dan Staley...13

Be-aware of the Dark Side of Trees
K. K. DuVivier...16

Vol. 2, No. 1- October 2013

In this issue:

Welcome from RADER Co-Chairs
Kimberly E. Diamond and Roger D. Stark...1

Letter from the Vice Chair
Jonathan Skinner-Thompson...4

Winning Article:  Revising Liability Limits for Small Modular Reactors: Amending the Price-Anderson Act to Minimize the Impact of Liability Limits on Reactor Design Choices
Andrew Emerson...4

Runner-Up:  There’s Still a Chance: Why the Clean Air Act Does Not Preempt State Common Law Despite the Fourth Circuit’s Ruling in North Carolina v. TVA
Thomas J. Alves...8

Runner-Up: Unexpected Hurdle for Decoupling in Michigan
Yunjoo Goze...12

Vol. 1, No. 1 - September 2012

In this issue:

Co-Chairs' Introduction
Kimberly E. Diamond...1

Introduction: Energy Law Student Writing Competition
K. K. DuVivier and Jennifer Rohleder...3

Winning Article: Renewable Energy Development: Surviving the Dormant Commerce Clause
Robert L. Molinelli...4

Runner-Up: Transmission Lines: Generating a New Approach for FERC's Siting Authority
Benjamin Falber...8

Runner-Up: Legal Heuristics: What Pornography Can Teach Us About Energy Law
Christopher Cooper...12

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