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Vol. 19, No. 3 - July 2018

In this issue:

From the Co-Chair
Keith A. Matthews...1

From the Co-Chair
Lawrence E. Culleen...3

EPA Includes Active-Inactive Designations on Updated TSCA Inventory
Richard E. Engler, Ph.D....3

FDA Greenlights Production of GE Salmon at U.S. Facility, But That Is Not the End of the Story
Brian P. Sylvester...4

EPA Issues Draft Guidance on Expanded Access to TSCA Confidential Business Information
Camille Heyboer...7

European Union Acts on Array of New Chemical Regulations
Martha E. Marrapese and Marshall R. Morales...9

EPA Holds Summit on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
Lawrence E. Culleen...11

Beyond Regulatory Compliance: Managing the Business Risks from Unanticipated Consequences
Kathleen Sellers, PE...12

 Vol. 19, No. 2 - April 2018

In this issue:

From the Co-Chair
Lawrence E. Culleen ...1

Most Recent Analyses by EPA and BfR Conclude, Again, That Glyphosate Should Not Be Classified as Carcinogenic to Humans
Keith A. Matthews ...3

EPA Settles with Amazon on Distribution of Unregistered Pesticides
Lisa M. Campbell and Lisa R. Burchi ...6

EPA Releases TSCA User Fees Proposal
Lynn L. Bergeson ...7

NGOs Embrace TSCA Section 21 as Additional Avenue for Challenging Trump Administration Environmental Policies
Lawrence E. Culleen and Camille Heyboer ...14

Vol. 19, No. 1 - January 2018

In this issue:
From the Chair
Keith A. Matthews ...1

EPA Faces Challenges to TSCA Framework Rules
Camille Heyboer ...3

Evaluating the “Substantial Evidence” Standard in TSCA Section 19(c)
Nathaniel Glynn ...5

EPA Seeks Comment on Mercury Inventory Rule
Lawrence E. Culleen ...8

FDA Issues Guidance on Jurisdictional Divide with EPA on Mosquito-Related Products
Lynn L. Bergeson and Timothy D. Backstrom ...10

CPSC Aims to Ban a Large Class of Commonly Used Flame Retardants
Kristin R. Robrock, Ph.D., P.E.; Renee M. Kalmes, MSPH, CIH; Sheila A. Millar; and Nathan A. Cardon ...12

 Vol. 18, No. 5 - August 2017

In this issue:

From the Chair
Keith A. Matthews...1

EPA Offers a Little Guidance on Its Nanoscale Materials Rule
Lawrence E. Culleen and Camille Heyboer....4

EPA’s Evaluation and Determination of Epidemiological Data for Chlorpyrifos
Lisa M. Campbell, Timothy D. Backstrom, and James V. Aidala...6

Appellate Court Vacates Conditional Nanosilver Registration
Lynn L. Bergeson and Timothy D. Backstrom...9

Putting a Cap on Regulation
Susan Dudley...12

Vol. 18, No. 4 - June 2017
Special issue: Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Law Under Trump

In this issue:

Proposals to Rollback Chevron Deference: Implications for Environmental Law Practitioners
Ethan G. Shenkman and Allison B. Rumsey...1

Does President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy Independence Signal the End of Federal Climate Regulations? Not So Fast
Richard Ayres and Jessica Olson....5

Global Climate Change and Sustainability Financial Reporting: An Unstoppable Force With or Without Trump
Linda M. Lowson...8

Uncharted Waters: Overturning President Obama’s Indefi nite Moratorium on Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans
Richard Gardner...11

Rolling Back the Obama Administration’s Environmental Agenda: Perspectives from Each of the Three Branches
Eric Waeckerlin and Tarn Udall...14

TSCA Implementation: What’s in Trump’s Playbook?
Lynn L. Bergeson...17

How Will the Trump Administration Manage Siting Solar Energy on Federal Land?
Lillian Rafii...20

California Holds Fast to GHG Reduction in the Face of the Trump Administration Dismantling Climate Action Rules
Robert L. Hines...22

Vol. 18, No. 3 - April 2017

In this issue:

From the Chair
Keith A. Matthews...1

Multiple TSCA Section 6 Rules Progressing Despite Government-Wide Regulatory Slowdown
Lawrence E. Culleen and Camille Heyboer...4

EPA Issues First Regulation of Nanomaterials as a Class
James G. Votaw...7

White House Releases Final Update to the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology
Lynn L. Bergeson...10

New Committee Leadership in Congress—More Gridlock or a New Era of Environmental Lawmaking?
Bart J. Kempf...16

Vol. 18, No. 2 - December 2016

In this issue:

From the Chair
Keith A. Matthews...1

EPA’s Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Set Sail for TSCA Title VI Regulation
Mark N. Duvall and Shengzhi Wang...4

The New Testing to “Bee” Implemented: Basic Guidance for Pesticide Professionals
Andrew Yamanaka Belter...6

S. 764 Mandates Limited Disclosure of Genetically Engineered Foods Components
Keith A. Matthews...9

Framework for Risk Evaluation Under New TSCA
Charles M. Auer and Oscar Hernandez, Ph.D....11

Big Changes on the Regulatory Horizon for Nanoscale Materials?
Lawrence E. Culleen and Camille Heyboer...14

Litigating the Obligation to Report Substantial Risk Information and Pay Penalties Under TSCA Section 8(e)
Irene Hantman...16

Vol. 18, No. 1 - September 2016

In this issue:

From the Chair
Keith A. Matthews...1

From the Editor
Lynn L. Bergeson...3

New TSCA and EPA’s Enhanced Testing Authority
Ria Rana...5

New Chemicals under New TSCA
Lynn L. Bergeson and Charles M. Auer...6

Is the Section 5 Review Period Fixed or Flexible in New TSCA?
Charles M. Auer and Lynn L. Bergeson...8

New TSCA—Existing Substances
Lisa M. Campbell, Lisa R. Burchi, and Richard E. Engler, Ph.D....13

Implementing the 2016 TSCA Amendments
Lawrence E. Culleen and Camille Heyboer...17

2017 “Reset” of New TSCA Inventory Will Affect All Chemical Users, Not Just Manufacturers
James G. Votaw...19

Changes Regarding Confidential Information in New TSCA
Sara Beth Watson...21

Preemption under New TSCA
Judah Prero...23

New Fees Provisions in New TSCA
Keith A. Matthews...26

Weight of Evidence in New TSCA
Lorenz R. Rhomberg, Ph.D., ATS...27

PBT Actions under New TSCA
Martha Marrapese and Adrienne Timmel...28

New TSCA and “Articles”
Thomas C. Berger...30

Vol. 17, No. 3 - July 2016

In this issue:

From the Chair
Joanne Thelmo...1

The Newly Launched EPA Chemical Safety Advisory Committee (CSAC): Does It Satisfy the TSCA Reform Mandate?
Martha E. Marrapese and Cressida D. Schlag...3

EPA Implements a “New Paradigm” for Assessing Endangered Species Impacts with Publication of Three Draft Biological Evaluations
Bart J. Kempf...6

Use of Alternative Fines Act to Maximize FIFRA Penalty
Latravia Smith...9

Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods
Keith A. Matthews...11

Overestimates of Aquatic Impacts by Pesticides under the Endangered Species Act
Stuart Z. Cohen, Ph.D....12

EPA Issues PFOA and PFOS Drinking Water Health Advisories
Lynn L. Bergeson...14

In the Matter of Bayer CropScience LP and Nichino America, Inc.
Jeremy Karpatkin...15

Will FDA Approve Field Trial of GE Mosquitoes?
Nicholas Kristensen...17

The New and Improved TSCA: An Overview of Key Provisions in the Amended TSCA
Lynn L. Bergeson...20

Vol. 17, No. 2 - April 2016

In this issue:

From the Chair—The Year Ahead
Joanne Thelmo...1

Pesticides and NPDES: Increased Environmental Protection or Just More Paperwork?
Susan M. Kirsch...3

EPA Launches Its New Self-Audit Policy eDisclosure Portal
Lawrence E. Culleen and Thomas A. Glazer...6

FIFRA Cancellation Showdown? EPA Asserts That Immediate Voluntary Cancellation for Flubendiamide Is Required by a Condition of the Flubendiamide Registration
Lisa M. Campbell and Timothy D. Backstrom...8

APHIS Seeks Comment on Potentially Significant Changes to Regulations Regarding GE Organisms
Lynn L. Bergeson...9

Vol. 17, No. 1 - November 2015

In this issue:

From the Chair
Joanne Thelmo...1

A New Frontier of Self-Disclosure? EPA Announces eDisclosure Portal
Lawrence E. Culleen and Thomas A. Glazer...4

NRDC Sues EPA for a Failure to Issue Hazardous Substance Regulations: The End of a Decades-Long Public Risk in Sight
Jack Morgan...5

Synthetic Biology’s Challenge to U.S. Regulatory Systems
Lynn L. Bergeson...8

Safety for Farm Workers: EPA Issues Final Changes to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard
Jacqueline Morley...10

White House Directs Agencies to Modernize the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology
Lynn L. Bergeson...12

Vol. 16, No. 3 - July 2015

In this issue:

From the Chair—Springing Forward!
Joanne Thelmo...1

White House Releases National Strategy to Protect Pollinator Health
Keith A. Matthews...4

FIFRA: EPA Registers Second Nanoscale Pesticide After Prolonged Review
James G. Votaw...5

Environmental Appeals Board Vacates $2.5 Million TSCA Section 8(e) Penalty
Lawrence E. Culleen...8

Chemical Control Reform Efforts Under TSCA Should Include Federal “Voluntary” Programs
Charles L. Franklin...11

TSCA: EPA Proposes Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements for Nanoscale Materials
Lynn L. Bergeson...13

Is the Self-Audit Policy Getting a Major Face-Lift?
Lawrence E. Culleen...16

Vol. 16, No. 2 - March 2015

In this issue:

From the Chair—The Year Ahead
Joanne Thelmo...1

2015 OCSPP Outlook
Jim Jones...3

Conflict Minerals and Information Disclosure Requirements: When Does Compelled Commercial Speech Overreach and Implicate the First Amendment?
Eric P. Gotting, Martha Marrapese, and Kelly V. Friend...5

Agricultural Biotechnology Developments
Keith A. Matthews...9

What Will Become of TSCA Reform in the New Congress?
Lawrence E. Culleen...12

TSCA: New SNURs Signal Narrowing of Article Exemption
Lynn L. Bergeson...15

 Vol. 16, No. 1 - December 2014

In this issue:

Message from the Chair
Joanne Thelmo…1

Upping the Ante: Senator Boxer Circulates TSCA Reform Provisions
Lawrence E. Culleen…4

Tree Death Data Result in $1.8M Penalty
Shannon Frede…6

SNO Addresses the Divide between the Applications and Implications of Nanotechnology
Wunmi Sadik, Ph.D. and Barbara Karn, Ph.D. …8

EPA Proposes SNUR for Nonylphenols and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
Lynn L. Bergeson…9

Vol. 15, No. 3 - June 2014

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1

With Release of Discussion Drafts, House GOP Enters TSCA Reform Debate
Lawrence E. Culleen…3

Enforceable Consent Agreement: EPA Issues Testing Enforceable Consent Order for D4—with Some Interesting Twists
Lynn L. Bergeson…6

Nanosilver in Consumer Products
Nadia Kaddour…8

Vol. 15, No. 2 - February 2014

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1

Appeal Being Taken to ALJ Decision in TSCA Section 8(e) Case
Lawrence E. Culleen…3

A Flurry of Activity Challenging EU Pesticide Regulations
Peter L. Gray and Amy Wolfsheimer…5

Toxic Substances at Our Borders
Chelsea O’Sullivan…7

Narrow Court Decision Remanding EPA’s Registration of HeiQ Nanosilver Products and Subsequent Product Amendments Have No Adverse Implications for EPA’s Policy Concerning Nanopesticides
Lynn L. Bergeson and Timothy D. Backstrom…12

Chemical Control by the Numbers . . . Big Numbers
Charles L. Franklin…16

Vol. 15, No. 1 - November 2013

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1

FTC Continues Enforcement on “VOC-Free” Claims
Emilee Mooney Scott…4

TSCA Reform and the Green Chemistry Movement
Lawrence E. Culleen and Peggy Otum…6

DTSC Releases Final Safer Consumer Products Regulations
Lisa R. Burchi…8

EPA’s Design for the Environment Program: Poised for an Expanded Role in Green Chemistry of the Future?
Shailesh R. Sahay…14

Helping Safer Chemicals Overcome Barriers to Entry
Baskut Tuncak…16

Our Home State Puts the Spotlight on Chemicals and Exposure
Eric Lindstrom…18

From Greenwash to Greenmail: Policing the Green Commerce Movement
Charles L. Franklin…20

Green Chemistry Has Arrived . . . Alternative Analyses Should Be Respectfully Approached
Eric P. Gotting and Martha E. Marrapese…23

Alternatives Assessments for Chemicals of Concern: In Search of a Uniform Standard
Warren U. Lehrenbaum and Joshua M. Kaplowitz…24

Vol. 14, No. 3 - June 2013

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1

EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program
Martha Marrapese and Greg Clark…3

California Issues Latest Revisions to Proposed Safer Consumer Products Regulations
Lawrence E. Culleen and Shailesh Sahay…5

Did You Know? Sometimes Seaweed Is a Pesticide
Irene Hantman…7

Issues in Organic Crop Labeling: Food Processing Procedures May Decertify Organic Crops
Chelsea Person…9

EPA Contemplates Future of Its Audit Policy
Lynn L. Bergeson…11

Court of Appeals Issues Landmark Ruling Vacating Biological Opinion Concerning Effects of Three Pesticides on Salmon Species
Timothy D. Backstrom…13

Vol. 14, No. 2 - February 2013

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1


Draft Mold Policy Raises Questions for Treated Article Manufacturers
Charles L. Franklin…4


EPA’s New Cadmium in Consumer Products Reporting Rule
Lawrence E. Culleen, Shailesh Sahay, and Jonathan Elsasser…5


TSCA, FIFRA, and Perhaps EPCRA Likely to Play Featured Roles in the Piecemeal Development of Federal Fracking Regulation
Katherine Ghilain and Shailesh Sahay…7


EPA Weighing the Use of FIFRA as a New Regulatory Tool to Address Concerns with Fracking
W. Ryan Stephens and Catherine M. Wilmarth…9


EPA Announces Availability of Draft Chemical Risk Assessments
Lynn L. Bergeson…11

Vol. 14, No. 1 - November 2012

In this issue:

From the Chair
Martha Marrapese…1

FTC’s Revised Green Guides: Help Still Wanted for Real Marketing Solutions
Charles L. Franklin …3

Will Recent Action in the Senate Force a Floor Vote on the Safe Chemicals Act?
Larry Culleen and Jonathan Elsasser…5

EPA and UMass Reach a Settlement for the Removal of PCBs
Tom Ahmadifar… 6

TSCA and the Regulation of Renewable Chemicals
Lynn L. Bergeson…8

Green Chemistry’s Call for Alternatives Assessments
Sheila A. Millar and Eric P. Gotting…11

Vol. 13, No. 4 - July 2012

In this issue:

From the Chair-Looking Forward to a New ABA Year
Charles L. Franklin...1

American Cleaning Institute® Friday Forum
Brian Sansoni...3

NRDC Sues EPA over Conditional Pesticide Registration in First Nanotechnology-Related Environmental Challenge
Michael Novak, Eric Gotting, and Martha Marrapese...4

The Application of SNURs to Articles under TSCA
Lynn L. Bergeson...6

OSHA Furthers U.S. Adoption of Globally Harmonized System of Chemicals Classification through Recent Rulemaking
Karen Nardi, Jonathan Koenig, and Shailesh Sahay...9

Vol. 13, No. 3 - May 2012

In this issue:


From the Chair: Reviewing Our Mission, Scope, and Brand
Charles L. Franklin...1

Canada's Preliminary Assessment for Triclosan and Proposed Risk Management Efforts
Irene A. Hantman...3

The Economic Impact of Nanotechnology Requires Better Assessment Around the World
Anne S. Kim...4

EPA Announces Data Compensation Obligations and Tolerance Revocations for Pesticide Inert Ingredients
John D. Conner Jr. and Peter L. Gray...5

EPA Releases Long-awaited Reanalysis of Dioxin Health Risks
Lisa Lowry...6

EPA Releases Proposed SNURs and Test Rule
Lynn L. Bergeson...8

TSCA Reform and Preemption: A Walk on the Third Rail
Charles L. Franklin...10

Vol. 13, No. 2 - February 2012

In this issue:

From the Chair: Science Under Scrutiny and in Transition
Charles L. Franklin...1

Addressing E-Waste: A Challenging and Growing Problem
Rebecca Brown...4

EPA Holds FIFRA SAP Meeting to Consider Draft Notice of Intent to Cancel Rodenticide Registrations
Lawrence Culleen and Shailesh Sahay...6

Predictions for EPA's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Lynn L. Bergeson...7

Pesticide Tolerances Under EPA Review
Michelle Murphy...13

DTSC GRSP Meets to Review Revised Informal Draft Safer Consumer Products Regulations
Lynn L. Bergeson...15

Vol. 13, No. 1 - November 2011

In this issue:

From the Chair: Four Trends to Watch in Chemical and Pesticide Policy
Charles L. Franklin...1

Forthcoming FIFRA Reregistration Requirements for Products Containing Nanomaterials
Kathryn Brausch...4

Glymes (Glycol Diethers) to Be Regulated by TSCA Significant New Use Requirements
Alexandria Reed...5

EPA Signals New Organophosphate "Use Restrictions" Are Likely
Irene Hantman...7

EPA's Formaldehyde Risk Assessment: Implications for Industry
Joseph Lam...9

The Chemical Data Reporting Rule: Important Changes Are Made
Lynn L. Bergeson...10

Vol. 12, No. 3 - July 2011

In this issue:

From the Chair
Charles L. Franklin...1

EPA Is Steadily Increasing Its Enforcement of the TSCA Regulations: Requiring Disclosure of Residential Lead-Based Paint and Associated Hazards
Philip A. Moffat and Stacey-Ann M. Taylor...4

Are Any Chemicals Endocrine Disruptors? The EPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Has Failed to Meet Deadlines
Irene Hantman...7

Lautenberg Reintroduces TSCA Reform Legislation
Lynn L. Bergeson...9

Updating the Inventory Update Reporting Rule: EPA Calls a Time-Out on TSCA Reporting
Lawrence E. Culleen and Peggy Otum...18

Update on NPDES Permit Requirement for Pesticide Applications
Brandon W. Neuschafer...19

Vol. 12, No. 2 - March 2011

In this issue:

From the Chair: "Oh, What a Difference an Election Day Makes . . ."
Charles L. Franklin...1

When Is Your Cleaning Product Just a Cleanser? EPA "Clarifies" Rules for Cleaning Product Pesticidal Claims
Irene Hantman...3

California Delays Adoption of Its Safer Consumer Product Alternatives Regulations, But the Paradigm Shift in Chemicals and Products Regulation Is Coming Nevertheless
Philip Moffat...5

EPA Solicits Comments on Criteria for Evaluating Alternatives to Chemicals of Concern
Lawrence E. Culleen...8

D.C. Circuit Rejects Challenge to Pesticide Registration as Untimely
Kathy Szmuszkovicz, Jimmy Slaughter, Sarah Doverspike, and Steven Goldberg...9

EPA Continues Efforts to Expand Public Access to Data Concerning Chemicals
Lawrence E. Culleen...12

Vol. 12, No. 1 - November 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Charles L. Franklin...1

EPA's Plans to Modify TSCA Inventory Update Reporting (IUR)
Irene Hantman...3

EPA's Threats to Use Misbranding Actions to Enforce Risk Mitigation: A Case In Point
Lawrence E. Culleen...6

Proposed EU Biocidal Products Regulation Is Working Its Way Through the European
Herbert Estreicher and Marcus Navin-Jones...7

Summary and Comparison of House and Senate TSCA Legislative Efforts
Lynn L. Bergeson...9

Nano: Size Matters for Metals
Joel Davidson...15

California Releases Proposed Regulations for Safer Consumer Products
Lynn L. Bergeson...17

Vol. 11, No. 3 - June 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...1

Trade Secrets in Chemical and Pesticides Law: Right-to-Know Meets Right-to-Innovate
Charles L. Franklin...2

Update on California...s Carbon Nanotubes Data Call-In Requirements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...3

Summary and Comparison of the TSCA Reform Legislation
Lynn L. Bergeson, Charles M. Auer, and James V. Aidala...5

Vol. 11, No. 2 - March 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...1

The Proper Study of Mankind Is Man . . . or Is It?
Julie E. Goodman, Ph.D., DABT...2

TSCA Reform: Two Congressional Hearings Consider Modernization
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...3

New EU Regulation on Cosmetic Products Entered into Force on January 11, 2010, with Special Attention Given to Nanomaterials
Herb Estreicher, Martha Marrapese, Rachida Semail, and Leticia Lizardo...7

EPA Announces Action Plans for Existing Chemicals
Lynn L. Bergeson...12

CDC Tells What's in Us, But Not Whether We Should Be Worried-Issues Its Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
Mark N. Duvall and Russell N. Fraker...19

Vol. 11, No. 1 - December 2009

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...1

EPA Initiates Rulemaking to Disclose Inert Ingredients in Pesticides Products
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...2

ECHA Publishes Guidance on Classification, Labeling, and Packaging Regulations
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...3

EPA Announces Principles for TSCA Reform
Lynn L. Bergeson...4

As TSCA Reform Gets Its Moment in the Sun, Will It Brighten or Cloud Prospects for a Green Economy?
Charles L. Franklin...7

EPA Proposes Additional Limitations on OP Pesticides to Protect Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest
Joy C. Fuhr...9

EPA Does the Nano "Waltz" (Issues, Then Withdraws, Then Proposes TSCA Rules for Nanoscale Substances)
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...11

Vol. 10, No. 4 - June 2009

In this issue:

Chemical Regulation and Management-An Industry Perspective
Judah Prero...1

EPA Reinstates Stricter TRI Requirements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...3

EPA Updates IRIS Process, Again
Lynn L. Bergeson...4

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...7

EPA Plans to List Antimicrobial Testing Program Results On Web Site
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...8

2010 Budget Includes Increases for Chemical and Pesticide Control-But Are They Enough?
Charles L. Franklin...9

Vol. 10, No. 3 - March 2009

In this issue:

Pesticide and Chemical Policy in 2009: Fasten Your Seatbelts
Charles L. Franklin and Kenneth W. Weinstein...1

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...3

A Legacy of Liberty and Million Tree Initiative: 2009 Public Service Opportunities
Patricia L. Sims...4

EPA Solicits Feedback for ChAMP Enhancements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...6

The Classification, Labeling, and Packaging Regulation-GHS Finally Arrives in the EU
Herb Estreicher and Anne-Laure Saint-Girons...9

North American Nanotech Developments
Lynn L. Bergeson...12

Reauthorizing the National Nanotechnology Initiative: Small Solutions for Big Problems
Charles L. Franklin...16

Vol. 10, No. 2, November 2008

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall...1

Committee Membership Update
Charles L. Franklin...2

The Birth, Progress, and Future of a ChAMP?
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...3

Consortium of NGOs Releases REACH SIN List
Lynn L. Bergeson...5

EPA Continues to Flex Its TSCA Section 8 Authority
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan...7

California's Green Chemistry Law
Margaret A. Hill and Heather L. Demirjian...9

Vol. 10, No. 1 - September 2008

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark Duvall...1

FTC Takes a Fresh Look at Environmental Marketing
Charles L. Franklin...4

REACH: European Chemicals Agency Proposes Revisions to the Registration Guidance
Ira Dassa...6

DOI Proposes Changes to Endangered Species Act Consultation Process
Lynn L. Bergeson...8

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