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Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice: Ombuds Committee

Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice:
Ombuds Committee

Message From Co-Chairs

Welcome to the Ombuds Committee from your new Co-Chairs.

We are looking forward to addressing important developments in this evolving field in service to the Bar.

Much more coming very soon.

Bennett Feigenbaum, Co-Chair
Daniel Rainey, Co-Chair

About Ombuds

Ombuds receive complaints and questions from individuals concerning people within an entity or the functioning of an entity. They work for the resolution of particular issues and, where appropriate, make recommendations for the improvement of the general administration of the entities they serve. Ombuds protect: the legitimate interests and rights of individuals with respect to each other; individual rights against the excesses of public and private bureaucracies; and those who are affected by and those who work within these organizations.

Senior Advisors/Liaisons

Robin K. Matsunaga, Ombudsman, State of Hawaii.

President, United States Ombudsman Association.

Jeffrey S. Lubbers, Professor of Practice in Administrative Law, Washington College of Law, American University. Special Counsel, Administrative Conference of the United States.

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Feigenbaum, Bennett

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