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Welcome to the HOME PAGE for the Cartel and Criminal Practice Committee (formerly the Criminal Practice & Procedure Committee). With our vibrant membership of prosecuting, defending and plaintiff attorneys, we aim to provide practical resources for practitioners involved in cartel work and information about cutting-edge cases. We invite you to join our committee and connect with us on LinkedIn and our Committee's group on Connect. Antitrust Enforcement Resources (also available on Connect)

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Multi-part Series: Navigating the Globe and AMAA


This groundbreaking multi-part series examines the critical issues for international cartel practitioners in key enforcement jurisdictions around the world. The series will offer practical insights from leading cartel law practitioners in each jurisdiction.

Each chapter will begin with an interactive Powerpoint presentation providing a summary of the jurisdiction's cartel laws, insights into the investigative process and leniency/amnesty programs, key issues relating to penalties, fining, and follow-on civil claims, and a report on recent developments.

Programs to date have included Canada, the UK / Ireland, Japan, the European Union, Korea, Taiwan / Singapore / India, China, Russia / Ukraine, and Brazil, with many other important jurisdictions to come.


  • Ever get the feeling that there are things about cartel practice you’re supposed to know by now, but don’t know who to ask?
  • Would you rather die than stand up and ask a question at the Spring Meeting?

The ABA’s Cartel and Criminal Practice Committee is Here to Get You an Answer to the Question You’ve Always Had, but Have Been Afraid to Ask!

We are pleased to present a new program series, “Ask Me Anything About…”, a forum for Section members to submit substantive and practical questions about antitrust law and cartel practice and receive answers from established leaders in the field.

We invite you to email your questions anonymously to in advance of our next program.

For the most up-to-date information about our upcoming AMAA programming, visit us on Connect, where you will find submitted questions, summaries of past programs and more.


Model Jury Instructions in Criminal Antitrust Cases (2009)

Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook, 2nd Edition

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[Program Materials] Cartel and Criminal Practice Committee Update

October 12, 2016
Section Events

    REMS: Are the Federal Agencies Signaling Increased Scrutiny?


    Curbing Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) abuses have been enforcement priorities for both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Both agencies want to ensure that the REMS program maintains its role in safeguarding the public and preventing potential abuse ...

    Monopoly Leveraging: Is It Making A Comeback?


    In Trinko, the U.S. Supreme Court appeared to hold that Section 2 of the Sherman A does not recognize monopoly leveraging -- the use of monopoly power in one market to confer a competitive leg up in a second market. A number of scholars have said that monopoly leveraging is not a cognizable theory ...

    Antitrust-IP Asia Developments


    This panel will review Antitrust-IP developments in India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in terms of both merger and conduct cases and agency guidance and other non case activity in the Antitrust-IP space. FREE : Antitrust Section Members, Government, Non-profit Employees, Students. $25 Other Non-Members. ...

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