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The Compliance & Ethics Committee was conceived as a vehicle for unified consideration of the full range of compliance and ethics issues within the scope of the Section's activities. We have emerged as a preeminent resource and network for discussing, evaluating and analyzing antitrust compliance and ethics issues. Our work encompasses the full range of global compliance and ethics issues in the field of antitrust.

Our Committee develops publications and programs to keep antitrust practitioners aware of cutting edge compliance and ethics issues. We emphasize collaboration with other committees and embrace a global perspective, recognizing that compliance and ethics issues are not limited to the United States.

Whatever your area of expertise, we seek your participation and expertise to help us contribute compliance focus and education in all aspects of antitrust practice. We invite your suggestions, comments and involvement at any time, on any subject related to the Committee. Feel free to contact any member of the Committee's Leadership Team:

Co-chairs: F. Joseph Gormley and Douglas Tween

Representative Council Member: Subrata Bhattacharjee

Vice-Chairs (area of responsibility): Thomas Lang (Newsletters), Michele C. Lee (Programs), Dorothy G. Raymond (Publications), Deborah Salzberger (Programs), Joseph Tipograph

Committee Activities

The Compliance and Ethics Committee presents a variety of programs that focus on a range of issues that face antitrust practitioners. Past committee programs include:

Antitrust Compliance Programs From Start to Finish (October 25, 2011).

Criminal Antitrust - Issues of Law From Indictment to Trial (February 9, 2011).

U.S. Sentencing Commission Changes Affecting Compliance Programs and Recent Developments in Ethics Issues (July 16, 2010).

"Ethics for Prosecutors and Defense Counsel in Investigations and Trials: An International omparison; ABA-CLE Teleconference (January 29, 2010). Ethics and Conflicts at the U.S. Antitrust Agencies (October 20, 2009).

Conflicts of Interest: Ethical Considerations in Multiple Representations and the Revolving Door Between the Government and Private Practice (June 30, 2009). Ethics Developments in Antitrust -- From the Boardroom to the Outside Lawyers (December 16, 2008).

Audio recordings of these programs (and others) are available to Committee members by clicking the links above.

We continue to develop our newsletter, webpage and listserv communications as leading resources on legal developments, analysis and resources for antitrust practitioners. We have also created programs on the ethical issues surrounding separate counsel for employees and joint defense agreements, and the compliance issues related to unilateral conduct and standard setting.

We seek your participation in all of these activities and in others yet to come. Please join the Committee and sign up for its list serve via the committee web site.

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New Antitrust Compliance Publications

The second edition of Antitrust Compliance will also prove to be a great resource for members of this Committee. It contains new and updated chapters to aid outside and in-house counsel charged with developing or updating their clients' antitrust compliance program. It provides detailed essays exploring specific compliance issues from the perspective of experienced practitioners and antitrust compliance manuals, presentations and other materials that can be customized for use in actual corporate employee training situations.

To purchase your copy, click here: Antitrust Compliance: Perspective and Resources for Corporate Counselors. The price is $179.00 for section members and $199.99 for non-members.

Compliance & Ethics

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Gormley, F
Tween, Douglas

Council Representative:

Bhattacharjee, Subrata


Lang, Thomas
Raymond, Dorothy
Salzberger, Deborah
Tipograph, Joseph


McLean, Gregory

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