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Welcome to the website for the Pricing Conduct Committee.

We are excited about the new Section Year, and kicked off our Committee Programs on September 22 with Part Two of our Deceptive Pricing series -- a panel that focused on discount advertising in Canada, the UK and the EU. We will then host our inaugural Town Hall on October 6, where the Committee leadership will discuss and preview this year’s exciting projects and initiatives.

We have a number of other Committee Programs planned, covering topics such as conditional pricing, Robinson-Patman, resale price maintenance, and price fixing and industry consolidation in the generics pharmaceuticals industry. And, of course, we will plan other programs as opportunities present. To that end, if you have ideas for topics you would like to see us explore, please get in touch (contacts below).

We at the PCC strive to keep you well informed on pricing-related competition issues through our programs, our 'Price Tags' feature introduced last year where we post timely articles, decisions and discussions, our newsletter, the ‘Price Point' and through Connect. Our Price Point publications can be found under the Newsletters section on the committee page as well as on Connect, now fully searchable article by article!

We welcome your participation and comments. I encourage you to communicate with me or any of our Vice Chairs. I also hope that you access and join in our discussions on Connect, and check out the 'Get Involved' section of our Committee Website below. Our emerging Editorial Boards for the Price Point and Price Tags in particular would welcome your contributions.

Dale Grimes

Get Involved

There are many opportunities for interested Antitrust Section members to get involved in the work of the Pricing Conduct Committee. These include writing or editing articles, helping organize committee programs, participating in drafting Section comments on pricing issues, and working on other policy issues. Several of the Committee's projects are described in the list below. If a project interests you, we encourage you to get in touch with the indicated contact person.

The Price Point

We are always looking for articles for our quarterly publication focusing on developments in pricing conduct law and policy on both the domestic front and in the international arena. We welcome ideas for articles as well as assistance with drafting or editing. Contact: Jennifer Roach at

Committee Programs

The Committee holds several brown-bag lunch programs each year. We welcome assistance in developing topics, identifying speakers, and organizing the programs. Contact: Meghan Rissmiller at

Comments & Position Papers

We often organize task forces to draft comments and position papers on various proposals, papers, and draft foreign and domestic legislation and guidelines. Contact: Dale Grimes at

Books & Treatises

We have just published this summer the Primer on Federal Price Discrimination Laws 4th Ed. and are beginning work on the development of a comprehensive publication addressing frequently asked antitrust questions about pricing in the Americas and Europe. We would very much welcome input and interest in this work. Contact: Tom Ensign at

New Member Outreach

Our Committee strives to help involve new members and make membership a rewarding experience. We welcome assistance with this project. Contact: Sarah Zielinski at

and Price Tags

The Committee helps members stay abreast of developments through postings on Connect and, in particular, our new Price tags feature, where we post recent articles, decisions and discussion pieces on pricing topics we think our members will find helpful. If you are interested in helping keep an eye out for legislative developments, decisions or have an item of interest to circulate, please just let us know. We'd love to have more of our members involved in this important project! Contact: James Nichols at and Frank Qi at

Join us on Connect!

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Grimes, R Dale

Council Representative:

Pfeiffer, Alfred


Ensign, Thomas
Nichols, James
Qi, Frank
Rissmiller, Meghan
Roach, Jennifer
Zielinski, Sarah


Howells, Brad

Committee Roster  


View our past and future programs, sponsored by the Committee with links to program audio for the sessions you missed.

Committee Events

Section Events

    Recent Developments in Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Enforcement and Litigation


    This session will examine Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) developments in both government enforcement and private litigation. The panel will discuss, inter alia, the recent increase in TCPA class action cases and recent guidance from both the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communication ...

    Hot Documents in Recent Merger Litigation


    The program will cover how the government, the defense, and the courts have treated hot documents in government antitrust merger litigation. Subjects to cover include: * How have the FTC and DOJ used internal company documents to evidence likely anticompetitive affects in litigated merger challenges? ...

    Recent Developments in European Antitrust-IP Interface Issues


    The session will explore recent developments in the interface between antitrust and intellectual property in Europe. Although the precise topics have not yet been chosen, this may cover issues including pay-for-delay patent litigation cases, developments regarding FRAND licensing, geoblocking and copyright, ...


The Price Point is published three times a year by the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law Pricing Conduct Committee.

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