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Publication Committees - Antitrust Magazine

Publication Committees - Antitrust Magazine

Antitrust Magazine Publication Procedures

ANTITRUST is the premier magazine devoted exclusively to antitrust. It has a circulation of about 8,000, which goes to all ABA Antitrust Section members in the United States and abroad, and to individual subscribers and libraries.

ANTITRUST magazine is published three times a year by the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law in December (Fall), March (Spring), and July (Summer). Issues may include cover stories on a theme, other articles and features, developments, interviews, a letter from the Section Chair, letters to the editor and advertisements for Section periodicals and programs.



Miller, Tina
Wrobel, Gregory


Didden, Damian
Fales, Lisa
Haider, Laila
Harkrider, John
Jaeckel, Jeffrey
Kestenbaum, Janis
Keyte, James
Kolasky, William
Kress, James
Lee, Belinda
Lerner, Kellie
Lindsay, Michael
Meriwether, Ellen
Meyer, Christine
Moore, Robin
Murino, Andrea
O'Connor, Jason
Pace, Jack
Pfaffenroth, Sonia
Prisbrey, Jeffrey
Schwalbert, Michael
Simmons, Ian
Skitol, Robert
Soven, Joshua
Tom, Willard
Turner, Vanessa
Wood, Lisa

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Section Events

    Women and Personal Branding


    This will be an evening of lively discussion and networking. Join us for hors d'oeuvres and drinks at the reception. We will break for a panel of distinguished female attorneys in both the government and private sectors, in various stages of their careers and personal lives, discussing how they stood ...

    Integration v. (?) Consolidation in Health Care


    In health care matters, we try to predict whether the anticompetitive effects of a transaction will outweigh the benefits of integration. But what actually happens in the real world? (1) Does integration lower cost, improve quality and/or access and promote innovation? (2) Is meaningful integration happening? ...

    FTC 101: Advertising Disputes & Litigation Nuts & Bolts Series


    This program is part 1 in a new series that will provide an overview of the different forum in which advertising disputes may arise. The program will describe all aspects of the Federal Trade Commission - its composition, its investigative and enforcement authorities under the FTC Act, practical tips ...

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