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----- Our Charter The Agriculture and Food Committee focuses on antitrust policy, litigation, enforcement, legislation, and regulation in the agriculture and food sectors of the economy. Specifically, we focus on antitrust and consumer protection issues affecting crops, crop development, farming, livestock, food processing, groceries, and food labeling. We cover issues affected by the Sherman Act and Clayton Act, as well as the agriculture and food-specific Acts such as the Packers and Stockyards Act and Capper-Volstead Act. The Committee follows, reports on, and participates in antitrust developments in this vibrant antitrust field. What We Do This is an exciting time for antitrust in the agriculture and food sectors. The Antitrust Division continues to focus significant efforts on the agriculture sector, recently releasing its report on its unprecedented series of workshops on competition in agriculture. In recent years the agriculture and food industries have spawned significant antitrust developments and policy debates on issues of potentially broad consequence, including: consummated and non-reportable merger challenged (George's Food - 2011); the role of price discrimination in merger analysis (Dean/Foremost - 2011); IP/antitrust overlap (Monsanto v. DuPont - 2010); and monopsony (JBS/National Beef - 2009). The Federal Trade Commission continues to be active on the consumer protection front, especially in the area of food labeling. At the USDA, an effort to reform the Packers & Stockyards Act ultimately did not succeed, but the agency continues to work to revamp the Act and potentially make it easier for farmers to bring claims under the Act. The Agriculture & Food Committee was formed in April 2010, to keep pace with the ongoing developments. The Committee follows, reports on, and participates in antitrust developments in the agriculture and food sectors. The Committee sponsors Spring Meeting panels and seminars on current topics, circulates important industry issues and news on its listserv and blog, publishes newsletters, and maintains useful resources on its webpage for all who wish to stay informed about antitrust issues and developments in the agriculture and food sectors. We encourage and welcome your suggestions for projects, discussions or programs. Please follow us on our blog. Please contact Vandy Howell if you have questions or would like to contribute to the Committee's activities.

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    [Program Materials] Agriculture & Food Litigation Roundup: Updates and Perspectives on Active Antitrust Cases in the Agriculture and Food Sectors

    October 20, 2016
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      Product Market Definition in Retail Merger Cases: Lessons from JM Smucker/Conagra and Energizer/Spectrum


      Please join us for a panel discussion on issues and best practices relating to defining product markets in retail merger cases. The panel will feature practitioners and experts involved in two recent mergers in which product market definition played a critical role in the merger review process: JM Smucker/Conagra ...

      Town Hall: Trade, Sports and Professional Association Committee - What the 2018-2019 Year Brings


      The Trade, Sports, and Professional Associations Committee invites you to participate in a kick off teleseminar to learn about the upcoming year. We will introduce this years leadership as well as discuss the many available volunteer opportunities to get more involved in the Committee, including: presenting ...

      Consummated Merger Challenges: Are You Ever Safe?


      In 2017 we saw a relative uptick in consummated merger challenges (3) compared to 2014-2016 (one each per year) and the unprecedented challenge of a deal that received HSR clearance (Parker-Hannifin Corp/CLARCOR). Why are these challenges on the rise? What types of transactions are the agencies targeting? ...

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