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Study and development of guidelines and suggestions for all aspects construction project performance.

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Monthly Telephone Conferences: Division 5 - Project Performance holds a conference call on the third Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. EST. If you are interested in participating, please dial 866-646-6488, Passcode: 2402402336#. Contact the Division 5 Chair, Marilyn Klinger, if you are interested in attending, presenting, or if you have any questions.

Committee Meetings Division 5 has begun holding Breakfast or Lunch Meetings at each of the Annual, Fall and Mid-Winter meetings for all of its members, typically the Friday of each meeting. The meeting usually begins with a short presentation on a construction law "current event," followed by a discussion of the various ways in which Division members can become more active in the Forum.

Getting Involved Division 5 is continually on the lookout for those wanting to become more active in the Forum. One of the best ways to get involved is to attend one of the Division Meetings or telephone conferences, learn what Division 5 is all about, and volunteer to get involved. Another way to get involved is to contact a Steering Committee Member and let them know you are interested. The Division 5 Steering Committee meet face-to-face at each Fall Meeting. If you are interested in participating, please email Division 5 Chair, Marilyn Klinger,

Steering Committee

Marilyn Klinger, Chair - Sedgwick, Los Angeles, CA

Amy Hobbs Iannone - DPR Construction, Redwood City, CA

John Cook - Smith Pachter McWhorter, Vienna, VA

Ed Keidan - Conway & Mrowiec, Chicago, IL

Charlie Rogers - Smith Currie, Atlanta, GA

Francisco Vasquez - Johnson Controls, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Mike Pipkin - Sedgwick, Dallas, TX

Michael Kamprath - Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Tampa, FL

S. Joe Welborn - Smith, Cashion & Orr, Nashville, TN

Committee Liaisons

Charlie Rogers - Membership

Amy Iannone - Technology

Eric Berg - Diversity

Ed Keidan - SPEC

John Cook - Publications

GC Liaison

David Scotti - Cipriani & Werner, Pittsburgh, PA

Programs, Meetings and Events

Committee Events

Monthly Telephone Conference - Steering Committee Meeting

November 17, 2014
On Monday, November 17, 2014, at 5 p.m. eastern / 2 p.m. pacific, We are having our monthly Steering Committee meeting with a "You Will Never Guess What Just Happened: The Owner is Requiring Everyone to Use E-Builder for RFIs, Submittals, and all Contract Document Exchanges - Now What Do We Do?" presentation by Steve Schultz, Business Development Director for Berkeley Research Group's Construction Practice. Join us by calling 866.646.6488, Access code: 240.240.2336
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