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Division 12: OWNERS & LENDERS

Division 12: OWNERS & LENDERS

Mission Statement

To educate and provide practical advice on the unique concerns of owners and lenders in all aspects of the construction process.

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Upcoming Events

Division 12 holds a conference call for all members on the second Wednesday every month at 12:00 pm EST. An agenda will be circulated before the call by e-mail to all Division 12 members on the Division Listserv. Please use the following conference call-in number and passcode for the call:

Dial In: 866-646-6488 / Passcode: 6135774053

Steering Committee & Liasons

Cathy Lilford Altman (Chair)

Christopher S. Dunn (Immediate Past Chair)


Claramargaret Groover

Suzanne M. McSorley

Suzanne Harness

Richard Wittbrodt

Anatoly M. Darov


Technology - Dale Butler

SPEC - Anatoly Darov

Social - Kristen Sherwin

Social Media - Jason Cagle

Membership - Sanjay Kurian

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Altman, Cathy

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Programs, Meetings and Events

Section Events

    Forum on Construction Law 2015 Annual Meeting


    Many, if not all construction lawyers, idolize a colleague. In the corner office on our floor, or down the hall of our memory and back to our earliest days of practice, there is someone who represents our vision of professional excellence. That lawyer, through many years of discipline, study, and practice, ...

    Fred Gray Presentation Webcast


    This webcast event is being offered solely to Young Lawyers. For any questions or concerns, please contact Kathryn.Henning@americanbar.orgFred Gray played a pivotal role in many of the Civil Rights movements most seminal triumphs. He worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. on voting rights and school ...

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