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To educate and provide practical advice on the unique concerns of owners and lenders in all aspects of the construction process.

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Division 12 holds a conference call for all members on the second Wednesday every month at 12:00 pm EST. An agenda will be circulated before the call by e-mail to all Division 12 members on the Division Listserv. Please use the following conference call-in number and passcode for the call:

Dial In: 866-646-6488 / Passcode: 6135774053

Hot Topic Presentation

On September 14, 2016, at 12 p.m. EST, Mike Marra and Rod Toben, Vice Presidents in the AAA Construction Division will present the following:

Avoid Disputes Over Your ADR Process

The purpose of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause is to resolve disputes, not to create them, but a poorly drafted ADR clause can cause delay and expense if parties disagree about the meaning of the clause. Planning early for possible disputes, and taking the time to draft and negotiate an ADR clause that addresses the particular needs of the parties, will save time later and allow for the most time-and cost-effective dispute resolution process.

This Hot Topic will highlight the essential issues that parties to a construction contract should carefully consider before the contract is executed.

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Claramargaret Groover (Chair)

Cathy Lilford Altman (Immediate Past Chair)


Jason Cagle

Anatoly M. Darov

Suzanne Harness

Sanjay Kurian

Suzanne McSorley

Erik P. Raines

Kristen Sherwin

Richard Wittbrodt


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