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Government Construction Division

Message from the Chair

Greetings and welcome to our webpage. We are the government construction division of the Forum on Construction Law. Our purpose is to provide information, education, and assistance in the area of public contracting, at both the state and federal levels. Our division is comprised of attorneys who practice in public construction, from bid protests to contracts to dispute resolution, in the public contracting arena. We strive to include lawyers from both the government and private side of the fence. As the newest division in the forum, we are eager to create a framework for active involvement by both division and forum members. So, please feel free to participate in our monthly division calls, attend our online webinars, and above all, make suggestions about how to develop and improve our dynamic and growing group.

Steering Committee

Barbara Werther

Levi Barrett
John Carpenter
Jayne Czik
Bill Franczek- Immediate Past Chair
Kelli Goss- Fellow
Peter Hahn
Anna Oshiro
Lynn Thompson
Paul Varela

Governing Committee Liaisons
Patrick Poff

Committee Liaisons
Diversity- Laurie Choi
Marketing- Anna Oshiro
Publications - Peter Hahn and Jayne Czik
Special Programs & Education- Zach Jones
Technology- Owen Walker
Membership- Levi Barrett

Programs, Meetings and Events

Section Events

    Helpful Links

    For those of us working in public construction, it is always helpful to have access to (free)public websites that provide information on public procurement laws, both state and federal. Here are a few -- we are continuing to load more

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