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Mission Statement

The mission of the Banking Law Committee is to act as principal Business Law Section Committee dealing with laws relating to banking and financial services activities conducted through banks and other regulated intermediary financial institutions.

Committee Facts

  • Provide meaningful meetings, programs and information to practitioners covering a wide range of banking law topics and, through our programs and task force activities, to be a significant resource to the membership and the Federal banking agencies.
  • Approximately 1,950 members
  • Three in-person meetings a year: the Business Law Section Spring Meeting, the ABA Annual Meeting, and a separate, standalone Fall Meeting in Washington, DC
  • Committee meetings often include significant participation by Federal banking agency staff members with an opportunity for dialogue
  • Numerous active subcommittees focused on the full range of banking law topics
  • Sponsored and co-sponsored programs relate to areas of significant interest to practitioners, including the latest developments in banking and financial services law practice
  • Provide members significant opportunities to participate in our activities

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial and Real Estate Lending
  • Community Banking
  • Matters Related to Bank Compliance, Examination and Audit
  • Enforcement, Director Liability and Troubled Bank Matters
  • International Banking
  • Loan Workouts and Bankruptcy
  • Financial Institutions Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Payments and Electronic Banking
  • Retail Banking and Consumer Laws
  • Savings Institutions
  • Matters Related to Bank Securities, Capital Markets and Derivatives
  • Systemically Important Financial Institutions
  • Trust and Investment Services

Committee Traditions

The Banking Law Committee has a few special traditions, reflecting its history and collegiality. These include the Frank Simpson Award and the Ed Lane-Reticker Lecture. Another tradition, the Banking Law courses, is described in the program schedule.

This description is excerpted from Remarks of Harold B. Finn, Co-Chair of the Banking Law Committee, upon the Presentation of The Frank Simpson III Award at the Annual Fall Meeting of the Banking Law Committee on November 3, 1994.

[This award is presented] to persons who have served the Banking Law Committee in the tradition of Frank Simpson, our friend, colleague, and former Chair, who died on May 21, 1993, at the age of 65, after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Frank was the midwife of the Banking Law Committee as we know it today. The Committee existed for decades, but it expanded from a relatively small band of attorneys in 1978 to about 200 members in 1984. The subcommittee structure that is now the backbone of the Committee was created by Frank [in 1981]. But most importantly, Frank created and sustained the collegial atmosphere of the Committee which makes it possible for all of us to speak freely at Committee meetings without fear of being criticized or scorned because we might make a mistake. Frank knew far more about banking law than most of us, yet he always welcomed our comments on the state of the law, as well as our suggestions and comments for administering the Committee, without ever being judgmental. Perhaps most of all, Frank was selfless, always thoughtful of others and a true friend. Indeed, in my last conversation with him, he went out of his way to offer to assist me in some relatively unimportant personal matter, never mentioning that he knew, as he must have known, that he was dying.

The Frank Simpson III Award is a teak plaque upon which is mounted on a ship's clock which rings eight bells in honor of Frank's love of the sea. We hope that these bells, as they ring every half hour, will be a perpetual reminder to the recipients of the Award, and to all of those around them, of Frank's qualities. The inscription on the plaque reads: FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE BANKING LAW COMMITTEE IN THE TRADITION OF FRANK SIMPSON III, A GENTLEMAN WHO WAS HONEST, WARM, ACCEPTING, FORGIVING AND ALWAYS THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS.

Past Recipients: Bob Bevan November 1994 Dennis Lehr November 1994 Karol Sparks April 1997 Beth Climo April 1997 Jerry Loeser August 1997 Jim McLaughlin November 1997 Bill Finn November 1998 Ted McAniff November 1998 Jim Scott April 2002 Ed Lane-Reticker December 2005 Larry Okinaga November 2006 Ron Glanz November 2007 William J. Sweet November 2009 Sara Kelsey November 2010 Sarah Ann Miller October 2013

The Edward Lane-Reticker Speaker Series at Boston University

Edward Lane-Reticker was for sixteen years Associate Director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law at the Boston University School of Law. Ed had an illustrious career in banking and law and was active in the American Bar Association. Ed died in December 2005 and the Speaker Series was initiated as an enduring reminder of him and the many lives he touched with his humor, intellect, and warmth.

The purpose of the Speaker Series is to invite to the Law School prominent personalties in the fields of banking, finance, and public policy who will stimulate debate and discussion around timely topics in these fields. Leading figures in government, politics, industry, and law will be invited to deliver thoughtful lectures and their presentations will be published in the Annual Review of Banking and Financial Law.

Past Speakers:

Lewis B. Kaden, Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer, Citigroup

Paul S. Atkins, SEC Commissioner

Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee

Banking Law Committee Journal Submissions

Committee members are invited to be guest columnists for the Banking Law Committee Journal. Articles may vary in length but usually are 4-5 pages double-spaced. Please submit your proposed articles or article outlines by email to Travis Nelson, Editor-in-Chief, at

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    International Purchase and Sale of Goods - What Every Lawyer Needs to Know


    In todays increasingly global marketplace, more and more companies are buying and selling goods internationally. This program will provide an essential overview of how to accomplish and finance international purchases and sales of goods. Topics covered will include the United Nations Convention on Contracts ...

    Antitrust Essentials for Business Lawyers: Gun-Jumping, No-Poaching Agreements and Other Antitrust Don'ts


    A panel of experienced antitrust practitioners from the United States and Canada will discuss the antitrust essentials and key developments that business lawyers need to know when their clients are collaborating with competitors or going forward with a

    2017 Banking Law Committee Meeting

    The Ritz-Carlton


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