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2016 Spring Meeting

Joint meeting of Judges Initiative Committee and Subcommittee on Business Courts. How often do lawyers get an opportunity to meet with 10 judges at once.

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting Joint Program of the Judges Initiative Committee, and Appellate Litigation, Business Courts, Business Torts and Trial Practice Subcommittees: "Attorney Fee Awards and Sanctions from the Judges Perspective". Participating Judges, the Honorable: Jerome Abrams (Minnesota), Gail Andler (California), Philip Brandt (Washington), William Carpenter (Delaware), Mark Denton (Nevada), Timothy Driscoll (New York), Patricia McInerney (Pennsylvania), Clifton Newman (South Carolina), Denise Owens (Mississippi), Henry Ridgely (Delaware), Stephen Schuster (Georgia), and Ben Tennille (North Carolina). Moderators: Lee Applebaum (co-chair Judges Initiative Committee) and Daniel Formeller (co-chair Trial Practice Subcommittee). Participating chairs and vice chairs: Mark Trachtenberg (chair Appellate Litigation), Peter Valori (chair Business Torts), Julissa Rodriguez (co-vice chair Appellate Litigation), and Michaela Sozio (co-vice chair Trial Practice). Tyler O'Connell and Emily Burton, the co-chair and co-vice chair of the Corporate Counseling and Litigation Subcommittee, also discussed their upcoming publication, Reducing the "Deal Tax": Delaware's Recent Scrutiny of Non-Monetary Settlements, a draft of which is posted to the BCLC's web page.

2015 Annual Meeting Program: "Avoiding a Train Wreck: Best Practices For Multi-Tracked Litigation, Mediation, & Arbitration". Seated (L-R): Maureen Beyers (Program Co-Chair and Moderator), Honorable Patricia McInerney (Business Court Representative), MaryBeth Wilkinson. Standing (L-R): John Levitske (Program Co-Chair), Blake Rohrbacher, Victor Vital, Honorable Ben Tennille. Not pictured Bingxin (Amy) Xia (materials coordinator).

(L-R) Outgoing Judges Initiative Co-Chair the Honorable J. Stephen Schuster, Business Court pioneer Robert L. Haig, and Business Court Representative Jerome B. Abrams.

2015 Annual Meeting Program: “Game of Twitter: Litigation in the Age of the Internet”. Seated (L-R): Honorable Clifton Newman (Co-Chair Judges Initiative), Roman M. Silberfeld, Honorable Mary M. Johnston. Standing (L-R): Paul J. Masinter (Program Chair and Coordinator), Lucia Coyoca, James “Jim” Bates. Not pictured Carmelite M. Bertaut (materials coordinator).

2015 Annual Meeting Program: "Ethics for Lawyers on the Move". Seated (L-R): Holly Tomchey, Honorable Jerome B. Abrams (Business Court Representative). Standing (L-R) Andrew F. Halaby (Program Chair and Moderator), Patricia Sallen, Miranda K. Mandel.

2015 Annual Meeting Program: "Litigation Updates in the World of Counterfeit Chic, Blurred Lines, and the Colonel's Secret Recipe". Seated (L-R): Honorable Clifton Newman (Co-Chair Judges Initiative), Professor Sharon Sundeen, Wendi Sloane. Standing (L-R) Ryan Isenberg (Program Chair and Moderator), Sara Bussiere (materials coordinator).

2015 Diversity Clerks: (Front, L-R) Lotus Fung, Nina Patterson, Wali Raja, Zhao Liu, and Vanessa Mannings. (Back, L-R) Cameo Joseph and Gregory Richardson. Not pictured: Jessica Watsky.

2015 Annual Meeting: (L-R) Judge Mark Denton (Business Court Representative, Las Vegas, Nevada Business Court), Vice Chancellor Donald Parsons (Section Council, Delaware Court of Chancery), Judge Denise Owens (Business Court Representative, Mississippi Chancery Court), Lee Applebaum (Co-Chair Judges Initiative Committee), Judge Patricia McInerney (Business Court Representative, Philadelphia Commerce Court), Judge Clifton Newman (Co-Chair Judges Initiative Committee, South Carolina Business Court), Judge Gail Andler (Co-Chair Trial Practice Subcommittee, Orange County, California Complex Litigation Court), Paul "Chip" Lion (Section Chair 2014-2015), Judge Alvin Thompson (Section Chair 2005-2006, U S. District Court for the District of Connecticut)

Business Court Representative Judge Jerome Abrams, panelist on the 2015 Annual Meeting Program "Ethics for Lawyers on the Move"

Business Court Representatives Judge Mark Denton and Judge Patricia McInerney

Roland E. Brandel, Business Court Pioneer

Business Court Representatives Judges Patricia McInerney and Mark Denton being acknowledged for their service by Section Chair Chip Lion

2015 Spring Meeting

2015 Spring Meeting L-R around table: Business Court Representative Judge Mark Denton, former Business Court Representative Judge Allen Goldberg, Section Program Specialist Justine Reichardt, Business Court Representative Judge Elihu Berle, former Judges Initiative Committee Co-Chair Mitchell L. Bach, Business Court Representative Jerome Abrams, former Judges Initiative Committee Co-Chair Judge Gail Andler, Business Court Representative Judge Timothy Driscoll, Business Court Representative Judge Patricia McInerney, Judges Initiative Committee Co-Chair Judge J. Stephen Schuster, Business Courts Subcommittee Chair Richard Renck, and Section Committees Manager Leslie Archer. Not pictured, Lee Applebaum, Co-Chair Judges Initiative Committee.

2014 Annual Meeting

2014 Annual Meeting. Business Court pioneers Robert L. Haig and Judge Ben F. Tennille.

2014 Annual Meeting: Joint Planning meeting of Judges Initiative Committee, Subcommittee on Business Courts and National Conference of State Trial Court Judges.

2014 Annual Meeting (Chicago): Outgoing Business Court Representatives recognized for service to the Section by Section Chair Dixie Johnson. L-R Judge Audrey J. S. Carrion (Business Court Representative, Baltimore Business and Technology Court), Dixie Johnson (Section Chair), Judge Christine Ward (Business Court Representative, Pittsburgh Commercial Litigation Center), and Judge Joseph Iannazzone (Business Court Representative, Gwinnett County, Georgia Business Court).

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The Subcommittee on Business Court’s mission is to provide resources to governments, legislatures, judiciaries, Bar Associations, academics, the media, and individual judges and lawyers seeking information and assistance to support the development and improvement of specialized business, commercial, and complex litigation courts.  In addition to the fount of information available on our web page, there are numerous judges and lawyers who make themselves available to speak, formally and informally, on these subjects.  We work closely with the Judges Initiative Committee and the Section’s Business Court Representatives in bringing the practical expertise of business court judges and practitioners to the Section’s members, and other committees; and we closely monitor related developments in this area throughout the United States and internationally.


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