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The Aircraft Financing Subcommittee provides a forum for lawyers and other participants in aircraft financing to discuss issues and recent developments in the U.S. and international aviation financing industry. The Subcommittee focuses on current legal issues and practices as well as on emerging trends in aircraft financing techniques and structures.

Report of the Subcommittee Chair

NEXT SUBCOMMITTEE MEETING: Our next Subcommittee meetings will be on September 11 and 12 at the Inaugural ABA Business Law Annual Meeting in Chicago. Our meetings will take place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Information & registration for the Annual Meeting are available at the ABA website).

On the morning of September 11, we will again host a primer session, primarily for attorneys and law students interested, but lest experienced in aircraft financing (but anyone is welcome). The purpose of the primer session is to both provide background information on the presentations that will be made during the Subcommittee meetings and to get the attendees better acquainted with one another and the Subcommittee.

Our meeting schedule (dial-in details to be confirmed closer to the meetings) is:

Aircraft Financing (Primer Session) - Thu, September 11, 10:30AM - 12PM Regency Ballroom D, Gold Level, West Tower

Aircraft Financing (Session 1) - Thu, September 11, 2PM - 5:30PM Regency Ballroom D, Gold Level, West Tower

Aircraft Financing (Session 2) - Fri, September 12, 9AM - 12:30PM Regency Ballroom D, Gold Level, West Tower

Our Complimentary Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Vedder Price P.C. & our Subcommittee Dinner (an extra cost of approximately $110) will follow our Thursday afternoon session.

Please block that evening and expect to attend (details to be set closer to the event date).

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Sub-Committee Chair:

Latman, Marc

Sub-Committee Vice-Chair:

Durham, Phillip

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Summer 2013 Meeting Materials and Bios, 1 of 2

Summer 2013 Materials and Bios, 2 of 2

Spring 2014 Materials and Bios

Spring 2014 Meeting Agenda and CLE Credit


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