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Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement Joint Task Force

Mission Statement

The Model IP Security Agreement Task Force is working on a model security agreement and possibly other documents dealing with intellectual property as collateral.

Task Force Meetings

Next Meeting. The MIPSA Task Force's next meeting will be held by teleconference.

• Date: Wednesday May 20, 2015 (third Wednesday of the month)

• Time: 3:00-4:30 Pacific Time (6:00 pm Eastern/5:00 pm Central/4:00 pm Mountain).

• Toll Free Dial-in: 866.646.6488

• International Dial-in: +1.707.287.9583

• Conference Passcode: 9101063640

Revised Agreement. Attached is a revised Working Draft of the model agreement, with a redlined copy showing changes from the April 2015 Working Draft. This revision addresses some issues discussed at the spring meeting . Some other changes are editorial in nature, or are intended to clarify the text. Please note especially the new defined term "IP Security Document", which is intended to cover whatever document is to be filed in the Copyright Office or PTO, as applicable. New footnote 12 also addresses recording procedures.

Exhibit 1. Also attached is an initial draft of Exhibit 1, which is the short-form copyright security agreement to be recorded with the Copyright Office to cover the listed registered copyrights and copyright applications. This would be the applicable "IP Security Document" for copyrights. I anticipate that Exhibit 2 (Patents) and Exhibit 3 (Trademarks) will be similar, once this one is approved.

Introductory Report. The report is still undergoing revision, and NOW would be a really good time for you to send any comments, suggestions or corrections!

Please call in to the meeting if you can, and feel free to send me any comments, questions or suggestions, in any format you like. Thanks for your participation and interest!

Kathi Allen, Co-Chair

WORKING DRAFT CAVEAT: Please note that the working drafts of the model agreement and report that are distributed or posted from time to time are not final, and are intended for the Task Force's use only. These drafts have not been approved by the Tsk Force or any other group or individual for further distribution. In fact, a draft may intentionally include contested language and/or concepts solely for discussion purposes. Subject to this caveat, we encourage you to participate in meetings and send comments, corrections, questions and suggestions to me.

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Sub-Committee Chairs:

Allen, Katherine
Kavanaugh, Matthew

Sub-Committee Vice-Chairs:

Fournier, David
Murdock, John
Ziff, Elaine

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Prior Reports

2013 Spring Meeting, 2012 Annual Meeting, 2011 Spring Meeting, 2010 Annual Meeting.


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