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Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement Joint Task Force

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Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement Joint Task Force

Mission Statement

The Model IP Security Agreement Task Force is working on a model security agreement and possibly other documents dealing with intellectual property as collateral.

Task Force Status

The MIPSA Joint Task Force has completed its initial work. The Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement and the Introductory Report and Background Considerations will be published in the 2016 Summer issue of The Business Lawyer. A Word version will be posted here following publication.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the MIPSA project. I have appreciated your thoughts, comments, corrections, suggestions, and explanations, as well as your generosity in sharing your time and expertise with the Task Force over the last few years. Special thanks go to Co-Vice Chair Elaine Ziff, for her IP knowledge, tenacity and commitment, and to Task Force Editor Howard Darmstadter for his patience and artful wordsmithing.

If you have ideas for additional task force projects, please contact Jeremy Friedberg (Vice-Chair of the Commercial Finance Committee) or Kristen David Adams (Chair of the UCC Committee.)

Kathi Allen, Co-Chair

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Sub-Committee Chairs:

Allen, Katherine
Kavanaugh, Matthew

Sub-Committee Vice-Chairs:

Fournier, David
Murdock, John
Ziff, Elaine


Darmstadter, Howard

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