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Mission Statement

The Model IP Security Agreement Task Force is working on a model security agreement and possibly other documents dealing with intellectual property as collateral.

Message from Task Force Chairs

NOTE CHANGE IN SCHEDULE: The Task Force generally meets monthly by teleconference, on the third Wednesday of each month, but we will NOT be meeting on April 16, in light of the meeting on April 11 at the Business Law Section's Spring Meeting.

Instead, the next monthly teleconference meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2014:

• Date: May 21, 2014 (third Wednesday of each month)

• Time: 4:00 pm Eastern/3:00pm Central/2:00pm Mountain/1:00pm Pacific.

• Toll Free Dial-in: 866.646.6488

• International Dial-in: +1.707.287.9583

• Conference Passcode : 9101063640


The Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement (MIPSA) Joint Task Force met jointly with the IP Financing Subcommittee of the Commercial Finance Committee at the Business Law Section Spring Meeting in Los Angeles on Friday April 11.

The meeting was well-attended, lively and productive. More to come later. Thanks to everyone who attended (in person or by telephone) and participated!

We worked through some of the most recent revisions to the draft Model Intellectual Property Security Agreement. The working draft (we discussed (dated 4.2.14) is posted her , together with a redlined copy comparing this draft to the previous draft (dated 3.17.14), which was discussed in the Task Force's teleconference meeting on March 19.

A few notes:

  • For those of you who have been following this drafting process from the beginning, I am pleased to report that this draft has had the benefit of Task Force work on all its parts. We will be going back to review the agreement as a whole, of course, but at least we actually have a whole agreement!

  • I have removed the automatic numbering, cross-references, table of contents and most other formatting from this draft, to facilitate review of the actual text. The agreement can be reformatted when it is closer to final form.

  • I also temporarily removed the draft footnotes, which have been accumulating over the past year or so. When the agreement text is close to final, we will revisit the matters addressed in those footnotes, as well as other matters, and determine the best way to approach them. We will be working on the footnotes in conjunction with the introductory report.

Thanks for your participation in this project.

Kathi Allen

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Sub-Committee Chairs:  Katherine Simpson Allen, Matthew W Kavanaugh

Sub-Committee Vice-Chairs:  David M Fournier, John E Murdock, Elaine D Ziff

Editor:  Howard Darmstadter

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2013 Spring Meeting, 2012 Annual Meeting, 2011 Spring Meeting, 2010 Annual Meeting.

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MIPSA Recent Drafts

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Redlined MIPSA Draft 4.2.14
MIPSA Draft Sections 4 and 5
Revised MIPSA working draft, without footnotes
Proposed remedy language for Section 5

Modified by Katherine Simpson Allen on April 15, 2014

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