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The mission of the Corporate Counsel Committee is to provide a forum for corporate counsel to discuss the myriad issues facing corporation counsel today. It also seeks to generate discussion with lawyers from private practices and with representatives of agencies that regulate corporate activity.

  • Programming Subcommittee: The Programming Subcommittee will be responsible for organizing CLEs at the BLS Spring and Annual Meeting, and be responsible for supporting content for non-CLE webinars such as Business Law Basics, In the Know, and Committee or jointly-sponsored non-CLEs. The Programming Subcommittee will also be responsible for soliciting CLE program reviewers. The Committee receives many requests for in-house counsel panelists for CLE programs at the BLS Spring and Annual Meeting. The Programming Subcommittee will also be responsible for publishing those opportunities to Committee members and ensuring the necessary email introductions are made between Corporate Counsel Committee members and requesting Committees.
  • Member Communications and Outreach Subcommittee: The Member Communications and Outreach Subcommittee will be responsible for publishing a Committee newsletter twice a year. The Subcommittee will also be responsible for developing a process and template communication to contact new members on a quarterly basis, and first-time meeting attendees before the BLS Spring and Annual Meetings. The Subcommittee will handle disseminating requests for articles or other word product received from other entities outside the Corporate Counsel Committee or the Section. The Subcommittee will also be responsible for regularly refreshing the Committee's webpage with relevant content.
  • Corporate Counsel Issues Subcommittee: The Corporate Counsel Issues Subcommittee will be responsible for staying abreast of issues affecting the practice of law for corporate counsel. The Subcommittee's mission will be flexible as law practice evolves, but generally the Subcommittee will focus on issues such as
    • Skills need for corporate counsel to remain agile and flexible
    • Relations between inside and outside counsel
    • Issues arising from in-house lawyers working in legal roles versus compliance roles versus business roles.
    • New ethical issues arising for in-house counsel
    The Subcommittee will work closely with the Liaisons to learn of new substantive changes affecting in-house counsel and communicate changes to the other Subcommittees for possible implementation through programing or publications.


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