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Corporate Governance: Current Events and Emerging Issues Subcommittee

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Corporate Governance:
Current Events and Emerging Issues Subcommittee

Mission Statement

The Current Events & Emerging Issues subcommittee's mission is to identify developing areas of importance to practitioners in the corporate governance area. We explore new issues in law and business and assess the ways in which they might affect corporate governance and how boards, committees, and senior managers, as well as practitioners, might best react. We also follow developments in corporate governance trends in order to evaluate emerging practices and to share them with a wide audience of business lawyers and, as appropriate, to identify and help to develop best practices. We also interact with other ABA committees, subcommittees, and task forces that focus on specific current events and emerging issues in corporate governance.

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Sub-Committee Chair:

Dravis, Bruce

Sub-Committee Vice-Chair:

Brownstein, Howard

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