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The mission of the Corporate Documents and Process Committee is to study corporate documents and processes, to prepare model corporate documents with accompanying commentary for both public and private companies, and to identify, recommend and promote best practices in technical corporate processes.

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Zeberkiewicz, John

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    Introduction to Corporate Governance


    The presentation will provide listeners with a basic understanding of: What corporate governance is; the multiple state and federal laws that affect corporate governance and how those laws interact; how director independence is defined in different contexts and why it is important; director fiduciary ...

    From Enron to Volkswagen: the Critical Importance of Governance, Culture, Compliance and Ethics


    The recent revelation by Volkswagen of its installation of software which operated emissions controls only in the presence of testing, and the fraudulent reporting of compliance with emission control standards clearly surpasses the governance and financial fallout associated with the downfall of Enron ...

    Negotiating the M&A Deal: A Potpourri of Practical Pointers


    A panel of seasoned M&A practitioners from major law firms will examine some of the tricky and potentially contentious issues that arise in acquisitions of privately held and publicly traded companies. The panelists will focus on provisions that are often misunderstood or improperly drafted by transactional ...



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