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What is the Cyberspace Law Committee?

The mission of the Cyberspace Law Committee is to provide a forum for the analysis of corporate, transactional and regulatory issues related to the internet and digital technologies.

Committee Facts
  • The Committee works in a wide range of legal disciplines including electronic commerce and contracts, consumer protection, intellectual property, cybersecurity and privacy, jurisdiction, internet governance, and online financial activities
  • The Committee seeks to identify and address legal, business, and consumer issues affected by the implementation of emerging technologies and to facilitate the creation of legal infrastructures that protect and support electronic commerce
  • The Committee provides practical tools and guidance both for practitioners who regularly deal with cyberlaw issues and for those who encounter them only occasionally

Areas of Expertise

  • Privacy, information security and cybersecurity
  • Ecommerce, online contracting and international trade
  • Electronic banking, online financial transactions, and payments
  • Intellectual property protection in the digital world
  • Mobile/telecommunications, digital media and Internet infrastructure and governance

Message From The Chair

Dear Cyberspace Law Colleagues:

I look forward to seeing many of you in a few days at the new Business Law Section Annual Meeting in Chicago. Please plan to participate in our Cyberspace Law Committee meetings, sponsored programs, and joint-committee dinner.

Tickets are still available for the dinner for just $60, which includes "home cookin' with a Southern Twist" and an open bar.

The full schedule of Cyberspace programs follows. Dial-in information is also available - see the full meeting schedule online for details.

Thursday, September 11

* 8 - 9 am: mCommerce Subcommittee meeting
* 9 - 10 am: Cyberspace Law Committee meeting
* 10 - 11 am: Financial Services and Payments Subcommittee meeting
* 11 am - noon: Joint Task Force on Professional Responsibility and Technology (joint subcommittee of the Cyberspace and Professional Responsibility committees) meeting
* Noon - 1 pm: Identity Management Task Force meeting
* Noon - 1 pm: Internet Governance Task Force meeting
* 1 - 2 pm: Cybersecurity Subcommittee meeting
* 2 - 3 pm: Consumer Protection Subcommittee meeting
* 2 - 3 pm Program: "Update on Electronic Contracting Best Practices" (Cyberspace Law co-sponsored)
* 3 - 4 pm: International Trade Subcommittee meeting
* 4 - 5 pm: Cloud and IT Services Subcommittee meeting
* 7:30 - 10 pm: Committee dinner

Friday, September 11

* 8 - 10 am Program: "Virtual and Digital Currencies: the Path to Legitimacy and the Need (or Not) for a Regulatory Framework for Consumer Protection" (Cyberspace Law sponsored)
* 2:30 - 4 pm: "Soup to Nuts: Enterprise Security Before and After a Data Breach" (Cyberspace Law co-sponsored)

Saturday, September 12

* 8:30 - 10 am: "There's No Business Like Drone Business: What to Tell Clients That Want to Use Drones in Their Business" (Cyberspace Law sponsored)

Cyberspace Law Institute and Winter Working Meeting, January 23-24, 2015

Whether or not you join us in Chicago, do plan to attend the Cyberspace Law Institute and Winter Working Meeting in Charlotte, NC on January 23-24, 2015. Planning is now underway for the two-day meeting, which will include 4-5 hours of CLE, roundtables, and working sessions. We still have a few spots for new CLE sessions, so please send in your ideas. Here are a few particulars:
1. CLE sessions will be 30 or 40 minutes long; this means no more than 1-2 presenters per program.
2. This is really CLE, so written materials, etc. will be required: the deadline is tentatively December 1, 2014. Scholarly papers are welcomed, but not necessary; detailed PowerPoints are acceptable.
3. The audience will be pretty acquainted with the basic knowledge; so in-depth, concentrated (geeky) sessions are welcomed. We are interested in high-level, new, and cutting-edge cyberlaw topics. If you have a more "mainstream" topic, that's great; submit it too.
4. If you're new to the committee, this is a great way for us to get to know you and your expertise!
Please submit a paragraph description of your proposed topic to incoming committee chair Ted Claypoole ( by September 26, 2014.

Jonathan T. Rubens
Outgoing Chair, Cyberspace Law Committee, Business Law Section

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