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What is the Cyberspace Law Committee?

The mission of the Cyberspace Law Committee is to provide a forum for the analysis of corporate, transactional and regulatory issues related to the internet and digital technologies.

Committee Facts
  • The Committee works in a wide range of legal disciplines including electronic commerce and contracts, consumer protection, intellectual property, cybersecurity and privacy, jurisdiction, internet governance, and online financial activities
  • The Committee seeks to identify and address legal, business, and consumer issues affected by the implementation of emerging technologies and to facilitate the creation of legal infrastructures that protect and support electronic commerce
  • The Committee provides practical tools and guidance both for practitioners who regularly deal with cyberlaw issues and for those who encounter them only occasionally

Areas of Expertise

  • Privacy, information security and cybersecurity
  • Ecommerce, online contracting and international trade
  • Electronic banking, online financial transactions, and payments
  • Intellectual property protection in the digital world
  • Mobile/telecommunications, digital media and Internet infrastructure and governance

Welcome From The Chair

Good day Cyberspace Lawyers. I hope your summers have been restful and productive. It seems that each subsequent cyber-based data breach highlights a stranger aspect of U.S. business. Target introduced us to the world of sub-contracted hacking tools, Sony showed us that financial data was not the only information worth protecting, Anthem highlighted health care as a vulnerable category, Wyndham finds that biting the regulator's hand does not pay, and now we have Ashley Madison. It might be a good idea for someone to pull together many of the recent data breaches in a short article for Business Law Today (3000 words, no footnotes), and examine the legal, regulatory and risk management lessons that cyberspace lawyers should learn from these hacks. Let me know if you are Interested in the project and I can help if you like.

The Business Law Section Annual Meeting is in Chicago later this month, and we look forward to seeing you there. As previously noted in this space, the Cyberspace Law Committee has a full slate of meetings on Thursday and a full slate of sponsored panels and presentations throughout the entire meeting. We have listed them below for your convenience. Almost all of our meetings will be on the Silver Level in the West Tower - most in the McCormick Room with a few next door in the Burnham Room. The main Cyberspace Law Committee meeting is scheduled for the East Tower because we need a bigger room. That meeting will be from 9 - 10:30 on Thursday, and will include a talk on how the Internet of Things is currently working in the mass transit field, especially in regard to trains and ships. This should demonstrate the upcoming legal and regulatory issues as the Internet of Things spreads into all aspects of our lives.

On Thursday night, join the Corporate Counsel, Corporate Compliance, Cyberspace Law, Health Law and Life Sciences, Intellectual Property, and White Collar Crime Committees joint dinner, on Thursday, September 17, at 7:30 pm at Café Iberico. We will enjoy a wide array of hot and cold tapas, along with paella--all served family style-with your choice of drinks for $50.

Cyberspace business lawyers tend to be friendly sorts, so please stop us and talk at the meeting in Chicago. We would love to help you connect your practice and research to the larger group.



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