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Cyberspace Law:
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Subcommittee

Who We Are

The Mobile and Connected Devices subcommittee focuses on the special legal and business issues that can arise when using mobile and connected devices, including the Internet of Things. We encourage you to join our subcommittee if you are interested in collaborating on the development of presentations, articles, and projects related to new technologies and business models, liabilities, regulatory obligations, transactional strategies, and privacy concerns.

What We Do

Our subcommittee has made presentations at ABA events, and our members have contributed articles to Business Law Today and other ABA publications. Our presentations have included legal issues surrounding the development of autonomous vehicles, use of drones, and how technology affects the rights of consumers as it related to electronic repossession. You can access audio recordings of some presentations through the links below. Written materials from some presentations are available in the Resources section of this page.

Autonomous Vehicles: Steering Your Client Around the Legal Potholes (BLS Annual 2015)

Losing Control: Who Owns Your Devices Now That They Are Connected to the Internet? (Spring 2015)

Online Privacy & Data Security Soup to Nuts: A Primer and Update on Important Developments for the Business Lawyer (May 2015)

There’s No Business Like Drone Business: What to Tell Clients That Want to Use Drones in Their Business (BLS Annual 2014)

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