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Cyberspace Law:
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Who We Are

The International Trade Subcommittee was formed in August 2011 as an evolution of the Working Group on International Issues, part of the Cyberspace Committee of the Section of Business Law.

The Subcommittee deals with any aspects of the cross-border nature of the Internet and e-commerce that strike the interest of its members. This work can involve publications, internal reports, CLE programs and forums, and informed discussions. We work with other parts of the Cyberspace Law Committee and other parts of the Section as appropriate. Reports of the meetings of the Working Group and of recent meetings of the predecessor groups are linked to on this page.

The Subcommittee has a specialty, as it were, of examining recent developments and future activity in private international law matters that are likely to affect business lawyers. The results of the examination may be law reform suggestions, drafting solutions, program proposals, or policy submissions for national delegations. One of the co-chairs has responsibility for a selection of international e-commerce files at the State Department and is often looking for input in formulating official positions.

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Working Group Leadership

Sub-Committee Chairs:

Burman, Harold
Gregory, John

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Programs, Meetings and Events

Committee Events

Spring meeting, Section of Business Law

April 7, 2016 - April 9, 2016
The International Trade subcommittee of Cyberspace is going to repeat its successful experience of the Winter Working Meeting, which is to occupy the space of the Federated Identity subcommittee for an hour on that topic, which will be the subject of a colloquium at UNCITRAL later this month. Then we will continue with other international topics.

Thursday 2 - 3 then 3 - 4 p.m. EDT.

Call in numbers for both parts of the meeting:
Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada):
(866) 646-6488
International dial-in number:
(707) 287-9583 Conference code:

Section Events

    Employee Benefit Basics for Business Attorneys


    This program will provide business lawyers with a high-level overview of fundamental benefits topics and issues with which they should be familiar, with deeper dives into certain key areas, such as ERISA, fiduciary duties, qualified plans, executive compensation, the Affordable Care Act, and other pertinent ...

    Directors’ Duties and Board Selection Before, During and Following Bankruptcy


    The financially-distressed company puts special stresses on its board of directors. Conflicts of interest can arise both among board members and between board members and the constituents of a company's capital structure, as the respective interests of debt and equity may become unaligned in connection ...

    Taking Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Depositions: Should the 45-Year-Old Rule Be Changed?


    The event will be held on 05/10/2016. The format is Web. The event sponsor(s) are Center for Professional Development,Business Law Section,Section of Litigation. The event has 1.00 CLE Credits .

UNCITRAL E-Com Convention & Internet Jurisdiction

Other Links of Interest

Reports and Publications

Topics for identity management legislation (Tom S 2016)
Identity management - World Bank documents Jan 2016
UNESCAP unofficial response Nov 2013
Report of Subcommittee Meeting 2014 Annual - Chicago
WWM 2014 International Trade Subcom - Draft Agenda
UN/ESCAP Draft Agreement on E-Com Framework (Oct 2013)
US Implementation Issues - E-Communications Convention 2013
C. Martin, "The UNCITRAL Electronic Contracts Convention: Will it be Used or Avoided?", 17 Pace Int.L.R. 262 (2005)
UNCITRAL Convention on Electronic Communications in International Contracts (ECC)
C. Martin, "The Electronic Contracts Convention, the CISG, and New Sources of e-Commerce Law", 16 Tulane Jl of Int & Comp. Law 1 (2007)
John D. Gregory, "The Proposed UN Convention on Electronic Communications", 59 Bus. Law. 313 (2003)
Report of Subcommittee meeting - Spring 2012 (Las Vegas)
Report of Subcommittee meeting - Winter Working Meeting 2012 (San Francisco)
Report of Working Group meeting - Annual Meeting 2009 (Chicago)
Report of Working Group meeting - Spring 2011 (Boston)
Report of Working Group meeting - Winter Working Meeting 2011 (Austin TX)
Report of Working Group meeting - Winter Working Meeting 2010 (Miami)
Report of Working Group meeting - Spring 2010 (Denver)
Report of Subcommittee meeting- Winter Working Meeting 2006 (Wilmington DE)
Report of Working Group meeting - Annual Meeting 2008 (New York)
Report of Working Group meeting - Spring 2009 (Vancouver)
Report of Working Group meeting - Winter Working Meeting 2009 (Santa Clara)
Working document on trade law standards - Winter Working Meeting 2007 (Little Rock AR)
Report of Working Group on International Policy meeting - Spring 2008 (Dallas TX)
Report of Subcommittee on Internet Jurisdiction meeting - Spring 2008 (Dallas TX)
Report of Subcommittee meeting - Annual Meeting 2005 (Chicago IL)
Emerging Legal Issues in Online Gaming (Spring 2009 materials)
Recent International Developments – December 2014


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