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Message From The Chair

Welcome to the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Business Law Section. This Committee's mission is to provide information, resources and guidance to business lawyers who are responsible for allocating risk when negotiating transactions, or managing risk when negotiating disputes.

The Committee is responsible for a handy guide to drafting dispute resolution clauses in contracts. It also works closely with ADR Committees within the Business Law Section, as well as with the Dispute Resolution Section and ADR-related Committees of other Sections of the ABA, to ensure that business lawyers have the most current information on dispute resolution at their disposal.

We hope you will join the Committee and volunteer to advance its work. Over the next few years it is our ambition to make this Committee the "go to" resource for those in the business law community who are charged with avoiding, managing and resolving business disputes.

F. Peter Phillips, Chair

Who We Are

The mission of the Dispute Resolution Committee is to aid business lawyers in understanding and using alternative dispute resolution processes. The goals of the Committee are to focus on education for Section members; to encourage interaction between corporate legal departments and private law firms in the development of dispute resolution options relevant to the business needs of clients; and to foster continuing liaison and collaborative efforts with other Sections and other committees within the Business Law Section.

More About Us

  • Over 375 members
  • Four telephonic meetings per year (featuring nationally-recognized guest speakers), plus in-person meetings at the Business Law Section Meetings
  • Directors to Section Administrative
  • Subcommittees on Ombuds, Young Lawyers, Programs, Judiciary, International, Membership, and Corporate Counsel
  • Publication on drafting dispute resolution clauses
  • Active ListServe for internal communications and professional development

Meeting Photos

2016 Fall Meeting

2016 Fall Meeting, Joint Meeting of Judges Initiative Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee and Business Courts Subcommittee (Attendees included Section Chair William Johnston, Judges Initiative Committee Co-Chairs Judge Clifton Newman and Richard Renck, Dispute Resolution Committee Chair Judge Stephen Schuster, Business and Corporate Litigation Committee Chair Heidi Staudenmaier and immediate past Chair Patrick Clendenen, Business Court Subcommittee Co-Chair Judge Elihu Berle, Business Court Representatives Judges Jerome Abrams, Timothy Driscoll, James Gale, Mary Miller Johnston, and Denise Owens, and Section members Linda M. Leali, Robert Barker, Sasha Francis, and Lee Applebaum

2016 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting Boston: Joint meeting of Judges Initiative Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee, and Business and Corporate Litigation Committee’s Subcommittees on Business Court, Business Torts, Health Care and Life Sciences, and Trial Practice. Officers present included Judge Stephen Schuster (Co-Chair, Dispute Resolution Committee), Judge Clifton Newman (Co-Chair, Judges Initiative Committee), Lee Applebaum (former Co-Chair, Judges Initiative Committee), Judge Elihu Berle (Co-Chair, Business Courts Subcommittee), Peter Valori (Co-Chair, Business Torts Subcommittee), Daniel R. Formeller (Co-Chair, Business Torts Subcommittee and Women Business and Commercial Advocates, and former Chair of the Trial Practice Subcommittee), Emily Burton (Vice Chair, Corporate Counseling and Litigation and Trial Practice Subcommittees), Judge Timothy Driscoll (BCR) and Kevin Hormuth (Co-Chairs, Health Care and Life Sciences Litigation Subcommittee), Judge Mary Miller Johnston (BCR) and Michaela Sozio (Co-Chairs, Trial Practice Subcommittee). Also present are Judge Gail Andler (BCLC Vice Chair, Co-Chair, Women Business and Commercial Advocates, and former Chair of the Trial Practice Subcommittee); Business Court Representatives Judge Jerome Abrams, Judge James Gale, Judge Denise Owens and Judge Christopher Yates; Justice Henry duPont Ridgely (Business Law Section Advisor), Mitchell Bach (former BCLC and Judges Initiative Committee Chair), first-timer John E. Rosen from Charleston, South Carolina, and Diversity Clerks Sandy Duan and Jonathan Frimpong.

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    Roadmap of a Real Estate Financing Transaction


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    2017 Business Bar Leader Conference

    Renaissance Chicago O'Hare Suites Hotel

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Listen to a series of podcasts on business dispute resolution and management. These podcasts are part of the Committee’s mission to help business lawyers to understand and use alternative dispute resolution processes for the benefit of their corporate clients.

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