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Spring Meeting Panels & Meetings

The Gaming Law Committee is chairing two important panels at Business Law Section's Spring Meeting this month in Montreal, Quebec. The programs, described below, are entitled "Doing Business with American Indian Tribes and Canadian First Nations: Lessons from the Gaming Sector," chaired by Kathryn Rand and "Is it Gambling or Just a Fantasy (League): The Latest Legal Developments in the Multi-Billion Dollar Daily Fantasy Debate," chaired by Lynne Levin Kaufman.

Panel Descriptions & Committee Meeting

"Doing Business with American Indian Tribes and Canadian First Nations: Lessons from the Gaming Sector"

When: Friday, April 8th, 8:30 - 10:00 am
Location: Cote-St-Luc, Convention Floor, Hotel Bonaventure

Program Description:
American Indian law differs from Canadian First Nations law, as each has divergent approaches to tribal authority/ jurisdiction, application of state/provincial laws, and economic development on reservations/reserves. As the predominant business sector for both American Indian tribes and Canadian First Nations, lessons from the gaming sector are relevant to successful business dealings with indigenous nations in both countries.


  • Kathryn Rand, Dean, University of North Dakota School of Law, Grand Forks, ND


  • Yale Belanger , Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Morden Lazarus, Attorney/Avocat;
  • Lazarus Charbonneau , Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
  • Steven Light , Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND; and
  • Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier , Partner, Snell & Wilmer, Phoenix, AZ

Co-sponsoring Committees:
Business and Corporate Litigation,
Business Financing,
Consumer Financial Services

Friday, April 8th
When: 10:00 - 11:00 am
St. Leonard, Convention Floor,
Hotel Bonaventure

"Is it Gambling or Just a Fantasy (League): The Latest Legal Developments in the Multi-Billion Dollar Daily Fantasy Debate"
When: Saturday, April 9th, 10:00 - 11:00 am
Location: Cote-St-Luc, Convention Floor, Hotel Bonaventure

Program Description:
Daily fantasy sports: It was embraced by players, the leagues and the media and became the hottest topic everywhere, especially when New York tried to close sites. So is it legal or is it illegal sports betting? Will legislators regulate it? Can DFS survive? This panel explores the DFS world.


  • Lynne Levin Kaufman , Partner, Cooper Levenson, P.A., Atlantic City, NJ, ND


  • Keith Miller, Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor of Law, Drake Law School, Des Moines, IA
  • Seth Young, VP/COO, Flower City Gaming, LLC, Rochester, NY

Rendez-vous tous à Montréal,

Chris Hinckley
Chair, Gaming Law Committee

Message from the Chair

Welcome. My name is Chris Hinckley and I am the Chair of the ABA's Gaming Law Committee (the "Committee"), of the Business Law Section (the "Section"). Over the last year, I have been hard at work tackling the very important tasks of reviewing our overall mission, attending leadership training, and filling the Committee's leadership positions.

The Committee's overall goals include elevating the work and accomplishments of our members, helping to grow Committee and Section membership, improving member interaction, and creating gaming law resources for Committee and Section members. The work of all Committee members should be on display and accessible to Section membership, such that we become the "go-to" resource within the Section, and the ABA as a whole, on all matters directly or indirectly involved with gaming.

I'd like to take the remainder of this message to introduce the Committee's leadership team, give you a brief overview of their roles and responsibilities, and finish up with some house-keeping matters involving the Committee website.


One of the most important tasks in reviving the Gaming Law Committee was the selection of a leadership team. Committee leadership includes Vice-Chairs, Directors, and Subcommittee Chairs, each playing a vital role in fulfilling our overall mission.


Vice-Chairs play a variety of roles within the Committee, including assisting the Chair. In addition to various administrative duties, they monitor membership numbers, the frequency and quality of publications and programs, and the broad-based nature as well as diversity of membership involved in Committee activities. Vice-Chairs will be expected to liaison with the Committee's Directors and Subcommittee Chairs, and when called upon, other Committee's within the Section.

The Committee's Vice-Chairs are:

  • P. Gregory Giordano
    Partner - McDonald Carano Wilson LLP
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Lynne Kaufmann
    Partner- Cooper Levenson
    Atlantic City, NJ
  • Keith Miller*
    Professor of Law, Drake University Law School
    Des Moines, IA

*Also serves as the Director of Publications


The Committee's Directors are responsible for coordinating and administering our Publication and Program initiatives. Directors will look to Subcommittee Chairs for information and ideas about the current and pressing issues facing the industry. With the assistance of Subcommittee Chairs and interested members, the Directors will assist in bringing these issues to the forefront in the form of programs or publications. The Committee's Directors are:


  • Karl Rutledge
    Partner - Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier
    Partner - Shell & Wilmer L.L.P.
    Phoenix, AZ


  • Keith Miller (See Vice-Chairs)
    Professor of Law, Drake University Law School
    Des Moines, IA

Subcommittee Chairs

Subcommittee Chairs are the substantive experts amongst us. As practitioners in the field(s) associated with their respective subcommittees, each will be monitoring emerging issues within their respective fields of expertise either through self-study or through interaction with interested members. Over time, Subcommittee Chairs will identify Committee members with knowledge, expertise, or even just an interest, in the area(s) of law covered by their subcommittee. In other words, they should seek to build something of a think tank within their subcommittee, whose goal is to educate their fellow Committee and Section members about important issues within their field. The Subcommittee Chairs in their respective fields are:

State Regulatory Compliance

  • John Barron
    Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel, Ohio Casino Control Commission
    Columbus, OH

Internet Gaming & Derivative Offerings

  • Anthony N. Cabot
    Partner - Lewis Roca Rothgerber, LLP
    Las Vegas, NV

Pari-Mutuel Wagering

  • Laura D'Angelo
    Counsel - Dinsmore & Stohl, LLP
    Lexington, KY

Federal Law

  • Peter Kulick
    Member - Dickinson Wright
    Lansing, MI

Indian Gaming

  • Kathryn Rand
    Dean, University of N. Dakota Law School
    Grand Forks, ND

Industry Counsel

  • Jeff Rodefer
    General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Golden Gaming, LLC
    Las Vegas, NV

Committee Members

The key driver in rebuilding the Committee and returning it to a place of significance within the Section will be membership. Without the ideas, initiative and efforts of Committee members, we will not be able to fulfill our mission. I encourage all Committee members to bring their interests and ideas for publications and programs to the appropriate Subcommittee Chair or straight to a Director. I ask that a member's first attempt at contacting leadership of the Committee be with the Subcommittee Chair in the area of law relating to your idea. This will help open lines of communications between members and the experts in the areas related to a member's interests and ideas. The Subcommittee Chairs, along with the interested members, will then work with the appropriate Director to see the members' idea(s) through to fruition.


Please visit our Committee website to learn more about its offerings. The site contains some essential information regarding the Committee, including a membership roster link which provides the contact information for Committee leadership and other members. The Committee site will also post notices of upcoming, or existing, programs and publications involving the Committee and Section members.

Please visit the Committee's website periodically and be sure to check the Committee and Section pages for important information about upcoming programs, new opportunities and interesting publications.

Also, in the near future, please visit the Committee's website and complete the below tasks:

  • Update your Member Profile (please include a photo).
  • Initiate contact with Subcommittee Chairs in your areas of interest.

Best Regards,

Chris Hinckley

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gaming Law Committee is to deal with all aspects of gaming law. The Committee strives to provide cutting-edge information on all substantive gaming law developments. We conduct an annual two-day conference that provides practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the multiple facets of commercial, Native American and internet gaming at the state, national and international levels.



Hinckley, Christopher


Kaufman, Lynne
Miller, Keith


Rutledge, Karl
Staudenmaier, Heidi

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    21st National M&A Institute

    Windsor Court Hotel
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